Activated Charcoal – Top 5 Benefits and Uses

Activated charcoal is one of those products we often tell our clients to introduce into their self-care routine. We call it one of the“The most effective detoxifiers for inside and outside body cleansing”. You could also call it black fairy dust – a little sprinkle and the magic happens.

Activated charcoal isn’t a 21st Century creation – records of it being used for medicinal purposes date back to 1550 BC. Yes really! Here we’re sharing just why this special powder is a staple in our healthy living routines:

Activated Charcoal – How it Works

Activated charcoal is a fine black powder made from material like coconut or bamboo shells. Contrary to what our clients think it doesn’t smell or taste of anything. The ‘activation’ of the material used to make the charcoal happens when ground charcoal is treated with very high temperatures. This created a very large porous surface area. Activated charcoal works through adsorption (not absorption) – a process through which toxins and other substances bind or latch onto it.

And it’s so true that a little bit goes a very long way – because just a couple of grams of charcoal are said to have an active (or activated) surface area the size of an entire football pitch. Now you see why we call it black fairy dust – it really can work wonders.

Top 5 Uses and Benefits

Activated charcoal can be used for all kinds of health, home and beauty related purposes. Here are the top 5 reasons we always keep a jar close by:

1. Detoxifies the Gut

Every day we’re all exposed to toxins – from our diets, pollution, alcohol and even our homes. Activated charcoal can remove such toxins from the digestive system and in doing so promotes gut health.

It works by attracting toxins to its porous surface and then binds them into place. Those substances, bound to the charcoal, then pass through the digestive tract and exit the body naturally with your poo. Whether you’re on a formal detox program or just looking for a simple way to rid your body of toxins activated charcoal can help – especially when combined with a treatment such as Colonic Hydrotherapy.

2. Whitens Teeth

Professional teeth whitening and stain removal products are often expensive and full of chemicals, and their results can vary widely. So you may be pleased to know that activated charcoal can be a cost effective, natural way to remove stains. It attracts and removes stain causing compounds. Just 1/4 teaspoon of charcoal gently brushed on the teeth twice a week can have pretty dramatic results.

3. Treats Insect Bites and Stings

Living in Australia life getting through a Summer without a mosquito bite or five can be a challenge. It’s common knowledge among activated charcoal fans that charcoal powder with coconut oil can be used to treat bites and stings – the charcoal draws out toxins and reducing pain and itchiness.

4. Acts as an antidote to poisons

This is a great reason to keep a jar at home, especially if you have curious children or pets who touch things they shouldn’t, like cleaning products. If the worst happens charcoal can counteract the dangerous effects of consuming potentially poisonous substances. It’s used in hospitals for this purpose – the charcoal adsorbs poisons and toxins quickly before they spread through the body.

5. Removes Nasty Odours

Activated charcoal removes unpleasant smells. It’s that simple. Yay! The charcoal attracts odours and removes them from the air – it’s as simple as that. Pop a little powder into a dish and place it in your smelly fridge and shoe cupboard and you’ll notice a difference in no time.

And there’s more…..when it comes to gut and digestive health charcoal powder is also known for its abilities to relieve stomach discomfort caused by gas or bloating – now this is one benefit we always tell our clients about!

Shopping for Charcoal?

We recommend only using products made from 100% coconut or bamboo, that are also medicinal grade and steam activated. At pH Clinic we stock activated charcoal powder and also charcoal capsules – pop in today and pick up some of our our favourite black fairy dust!

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