How Colonic Hydrotherapy Changed My Life

Every day our digestive systems are overworked and saturated due to overeating, medications, fast foods, processed and genetically modified foods, environmental toxins, alcohol consumption and stress.

These factors contribute to many of us suffering from poor digestion – sometimes without even knowing it. Poor digestion is a sign that the gut isn’t happy and as the Greek Physician Hippocrates famously said “All disease begins in the gut”. This is where Colonic Hydrotherapy can help. It’s a treatment that literally heals the gut. It can assist with everything from constipation, to weight loss, to bloating, parasites, depression, skin problems and more. Heal the gut and you’re on the path to healing your body and reaching your wellness potential.

Here one of our regular Colonic Hydrotherapy clients shares her very personal and unique story – just in time to inspire you to add a colonic to your Spring detox: 

10 Years of ‘Crash and Burn’

Until Year 11 my life was pretty ordinary – in a good way. I was a young and very sporty female and had everything in life to look forwards to. 

But that all changed after I was diagnosed with glandular fever at 17 years old. The next 10 years were spent largely bed bound – I was so fatigued that even doing the most basic of daily activities was a struggle.

I look back on those 10 years and call them my ‘crash and burn’ years. Why? Because despite being bed bound I really wanted to finish my education – so I would have short bouts of pushing through in my studies, followed by months of crashing. Thankfully I pushed through and got my University degree and I even managed short periods working part time as a receptionist and a freelance graphic designer. In hindsight I don’t know how I did it. Call it a gut instinct but I knew something just wasn’t right…..I just wanted to feel normal and during that time I never did.

This gut instinct led me on my quest to explore alternative therapies. By sharing my story here I’m keen to spread the word on the transformation that can come from Colonic Hydrotherapy.


Ridding my Body of Toxicity

To cut a long story short the diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome that I’d received post glandular fever turned out to be a mis-diagnosis. After seeing many medical professionals I eventually met a GP with specialist experience in lyme disease. It’s a disease that’s spread by animal or insect bites or stings. Blood tests in my mid 20s revealed that for all of those years I’d actually been victim to lyme disease….a complex and not widely recognised disease that has since taken me as far as Malaysia in my search for effective treatment.

What led me to Colonic Hydrotherapy? Essentially a long held inability to poo. Ever since glandular fever struck in Year 11 my poos had never been the same. My poos were so irregular that as long as 8-9 days could pass between bowel movements. You can imagine how uncomfortable and bloated I was. At the same time I knew about the connection between lyme disease and you could call it gut disease – so I set on a path using colonics to rid my body of toxicity and to get my bowel movements happening again.


My Colonic Hydrotherapy Experience

For over a year now I have been having Colonic Hydrotherapy twice a week, where possible combining it with an Infrared Sauna to boost the toxin removing benefits. It has improved my overall wellbeing ten fold. Not only does Colonic Hydrotherapy completely empty my bowel (yay to regular poos) and remove bloating but it has also been an incredible help in ridding my body of parasites and candida. Colonic treatments have also played a role in helping me come off the antibiotics that I was receiving for lyme disease.

My Advice to You

I don’t hesitate to recommend Colonic Hydroptherpay to others. Indeed the life changing impact regular treatments have had on me personally is why I’m sharing my story here. I don’t want others with gut issues to suffer in silence.

When others ask me ‘Is there any discomfort?’ or ‘Do you feel anything during the treatment?’ I always reassure them that a closed colonic treatment, performed by a nurturing practitioner, is a discomfort free, even cathartic experience. It helps you get rid of shit in a way that wouldn’t happen naturally. By shit I mean more than poo – I mean toxins, chemicals, bugs and more. This leaves you feeling lighter – not just physically, but emotionally and mentally too.

Whatever the specific reason for your Colonic Hydrotherapy curiosity chances are your gut is sending you subtle (or even loud) signals. Listen to those signals experience how a colonic treatment, or three, really can heal you from the inside out.

Spring Detox with Us

Whether or not you are experiencing gut issues, our Colonic Hydrotherapy treatments can be part of your regular self-care toolkit. Book online or call 0420 644 825 to arrange a colonic as part of your Spring detox routine.

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