Lisa's mission is to help others live a balanced and happy life. A Canadian born, natural athlete, Lisa retired from a twelve year National Synchronised Swimming career and fell in love with Yoga and Energy Medicine. In search of a method to heal her body she trained in diverse fitness modalities, discovering she desired a holistic approach to physical, mental and emotional balance. More than twenty years into her dedicated practice, it is undeniable that yoga, meditation, breath awareness and self-enquiry have positively transformed her life.

Lisa is a certified yoga teacher, intuitive Reiki Master and breath coach. She is also addicted to surfing and aims to share her experiences with Elite Athletes, providing them with the tools she didn't have access to during her athletic career. Lisa's passion lies in service to others. She is an Ambassador for Africa Yoga Project (, a program based in Nairobi, Kenya, empowering, educating and employing high-risk African youth using the transformational practice of yoga. Proceeds from every consultation are being donated to Africa Yoga Project. Thank you for your support!

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