The Top 5 Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Before the invention of the refrigerator, it was common practice to drop a silver coin into a container of milk as a preservative because silver was known to prevent the growth of algae, bacteria and other undesirable organisms. Dating back to ancient times, silver was also a popular remedy to stop the spread of diseases. Its use as a natural antibiotic continued all the way until the 1940s, when modern antibiotics arrived.

Today, obviously, people don’t need to drop silver coins into their beverages to experience colloidal silver benefits! You can now find colloidal silver homeopathic medicine products here at pH Clinic. It wipes out bacterial infections in a safe and clean manner, without compromising our immune system like antibiotics do. It offers an alternative to endless rounds of conventional antibiotic that never seen to fully take care of the problem.

Although colloidal silver has been used for medicinal purposes for many centuries, in recent years it has come back into circulation. Find out what the main benefits of this product are and why we store it at the clinic!

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Colloidal Silver – How It Works

Colloidal Silver has a direct effect on cellular respiration, colloidal silver benefits the body in numerous ways, including providing numerous medical uses. There are five proven healing properties that are considered to be particularly supported by the medical literature. To find out about the five main benefits, please scroll down.


1. Antibacterial and Antimicrobial 

Not only is Colloidal Silver super effective at eliminating bacterial infections, but it also is equally effective at resistant strains of bacteria and it does not cause any further mutations – which is great new for its long term use as an antibiotic treatment.

It also does not create any resistance or immunity to the organisms it destroys. Even with repeated use, such as a seasonal preventative for the common cold. Unlike modern antibiotics which means Colloidal Silver is always an effective natural anti-biotic. It works by destroying the enzyme that all bacteria, fungus and viruses use to metabolise oxygen. It also attaches to the DNA of organisms so they can’t replicate.

2. Wound Care/Skin Health

Colloidal Silver preparations can be used for topical use to rat, burns, thrush, periodontitis, and even skin conditions such a psoriasis and eczema.

Simply apply topically as often as needed a completely natural solution to something which many suffer with. It’s amazing healing properties can also help stop breakouts, help the skin to heal and regular use will keep breakouts at by for good. No more piling your delicate skin with chemicals.


3. Antiviral

The benefits of Colloidal Silver can be experienced as an anti-viral for HIV/AIDS, pneumonia, herpes, shingles and warts. Dr. Martin Hum, from the institute for Optimum Nutrition, lists Colloidal Silver as one of the natural remedies to stop viruses fast.

It will suffocate the virus and can even reduce the activity of the HIV virus in AIDS patients.


4. Anti-Inflammatory

Colloidal Silver is a natural anti-inflammatory what works fast to reduce swelling, repair inflammation in the skin or in the body.

It can also reduce swelling, speed healing and boosts cell recovery!

5. Sinusitis

Colloidal Silver can benefit people as a nasal spray that kills Staph aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections that could directly cause sinusitis and allergies.

It can benefit people as a nasal spray or just put a few drops of silver in a ‘neti pot’. You can also apply it directly into your nasal cavity and let it drain down your throat by tilting your head back a little.

Clinical studies have shown that enhanced colloidal silver can terminate simple sinus infections in a week or less, which is far better than sinus surgery or antibiotics.

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