Why do they call it “alternative medicine’ when it is the ‘original medicine’ that humans have been using for thousands of years? Chemical medications were only discovered about 100 years ago!

Naturopathy is a whole medical system combining an array of natural therapies to support healing and maintain optimal health. Naturopaths aim to treat the underlying causes of illness and disease. The core principle of “healing through nature” guides the naturopath’s use of nutrition, dietary counselling, herbal medicine, manual therapies, flower essences, lifestyle education and homeopathy.

In order to create balance and well being, it’s important to remember that the mind and body are intricately connected.

Here you will learn how nutrition, herbal medicine and specific supplementation contribute to greater strength and resilience so that you feel calmer, think clearer and function better.  

What can Naturopathy assist with?

Digestive concerns

Skin issues

Weight management

Stress Management/Support

Detoxification support

Nature as Medicine

Naturopathy uses the therapeutic constituents found naturally in herbs and plants, as well as food as medicine to help treat and assist with various health conditions.

Personalised Remedies

Every herbal tincture is blended specifically to suit you based on your personaI heaIth requirements and needs, it's not a one size fits all!

Thrive Naturally

From hormone balancing to sleep support, Naturopathy can help assist with a wide variety of health conditions to let you thrive, naturally.

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What does a naturopathic consult involve?

A Naturopathic consultation involves a thorough discussion about your health where we delve deep into your previous medical history and presenting symptoms to identify patterns of imbalance.

Where necessary, lab tests may be suggested to investigate hormonal, metabolic or chemical imbalances, which is done through blood, serum or stool samples.

We will help to bridge the gap between how you feel and how you’d like to feel by giving you the tips and tricks to avoid burn out and be the best you can be.

During a session, you will recognise the triggers that cause you the most stress and how to restyle elements of your life so you have more energy for you. 

Any Questions?

There’s no such thing as a silly question, especially when your health is concerned. Head over to our FAQs to check out a few we usually get thrown at us. For any other advice on love, life and colonics drop us a line.

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