Jo trained as a Colonic Hydrotherapist in 2014 after developing gut issues in her late teens, so she could help others who were struggling with their own health issues. She is a true people person who doesn’t take life too seriously, so if you are nervous about your first treatment she will quickly put you at ease.

‘I trained as a colonic hydrotherapist in 2014 after seeing a huge turn around in my personal health after discovering colonics in 2012. I am passionate about living a low tox life and using natural remedies wherever possible. I have lived with food intolerances since my later teens and can offer a good gluten free recipe with every treatment! If you are feeling nervous about your first treatment, remember everyone has to start somewhere and you will be so glad you did. The lightness and vitality you feel after a colonic is second to none! I would love to help and support you on your journey to full health.’

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