I am a clinical nutritionist and colon hydrotherapist and I am incredibly passionate about holistic health and wellness. I have special interest and love for gut health (digestive disorders/issues) and the mind- body connection. However love working with all different clients health needs including; immune resilience, healthy detoxification, stress reduction/management, energy and fatigue issues, mental health issues and hormone imbalances.

My heart lies in teaching and empowering clients to fulfill a future of health and longevity through awareness and understanding of all areas of nutrition and wellbeing. This is not as simple as telling a person what not to eat. My approach involves gaining a thorough understanding about your whole health picture; including exploring your current health symptoms, all body systems, your physical health, emotional wellbeing, habits, lifestyle, goals and so much more. I will then create an individualised plan to guide you towards conscious living, emotional awareness, real food, happiness and vitality! No two clients are ever viewed the same.

I couldn’t be happier to marry my nutrition practice with colonic hydrotherapy and be able to take gut care to the next level! I have been having colonics for over 6 years myself and it has transformed areas of my health that would have taken years to shift otherwise. When we remove the accumulated waste and toxic matter from the gut, we significantly improve our body’s ability to heal and the effects ripple out systemically! It is such a powerful health-promoting tool.

I am here to simplify your approach to health; to cut out the noise and confusion that is created through “trending” diets, fads and health kicks. To help you create a better relationship with food, your mind and body, and vitalise your health.

I am currently studying psychosomatic therapy, where I am learning how emotions can manifest in the physical body. How if these emotions (stress, anger, sadness, shame…) are not identified, dealt with and released, can cause physical conditions or continuing issues such as pain, illness, dysfunction or disease.


  • ATMS accredited member: 52165
  • Bachelor Health Science Nutritional Medicine. Endeavour College Sydney
  • Colon Hydrotherapy certification. Australian Colon Health
  • Currently completing psychosomatic (emotional body) training. Jin Ong
  • Current Australian First aid and CPR certification

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