Sam has always suffered from food sensitivities and IBS symptoms but she had just learnt to deal with them or more specifically- ignore them.
At some point she fell extremely sick with Glandular Fever and it was then she realised she needed to take matters into her own hands.
She delved deep into the practice of yoga and has since completed a couple of teacher trainings. In studying the practice of yoga she developed an understanding of energy and how it affects us in ways we can only attempt to comprehend.
She then began studying a bachelor in health science specifically designed towards Naturopathy and added Colonic Hydrotherapy to her learnings which enabled her to support her clients on many levels at pH Clinic.

“I feel like I have well and truly fallen down into the rabbit hole of alternate therapies and gut health.
It is a major passion and goal of mine to be able to intertwine the physical and energetic components of holistic healing and living.”

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