Natalia Stanley

Brief info

I’m very passionate about supporting clients in their journey of self-discovery, educating them about healthy lifestyle, mind and body connection and nutrition. My gentle and nurturing approach empowers clients to take responsibility for their physical and emotional wellbeing, which brings my clients a sense of freedom and purpose.

I discovered Holistic Kinesiology in 2010 and it has changed my life 360 degrees. My inspiration came after my first session. I felt much more confident and connected. After a few sessions I was anxiety and insomnia free. My relationship with myself and others has improved dramatically. Kinesiology helped me to connect the dots between physical symptoms and my emotional state by identifying unconscious limiting beliefs and negative behaviour patterns I was holding on to. I found my life’s purpose and it brings me joy to share this powerful experience with my clients.

Natalia is an ATMS accredited Holistic Kinesiologist, Mind & Body Medicine practitioner and certified Studio Pilates Teacher. She is also currently undertaking the Advanced Diploma in Integrative Medicine through the College of Complementary Medicine.

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