Integrative Medicine

integrative medicine

Integrative Medicine

An Integrative Medical Practitioner is a Medical Doctor who has undergone additional training to be a more holistic resource for your health journey.
How is an Integrative medical doctor different from a regular doctor?
Functional medicine is personalised medicine that deals with the root cause of disease instead of just treating symptoms. An integrative medical practitioner works in conjunction with your current health care team and is not a replacement for your regular physician.

How may functional medicine help you?

Integrative Medicine may assist with the following issues:

What can you expect from a consultation?

As well as a thorough history and clinical assessment Dr Nikki will utilise diagnostic testing which may be combined with wearable technology to build a personal health picture. This allows the formulation of a plan to facilitate healing and restore wellbeing. A typical plan may include diet modification, resistance training, optimising sleep and light, stress reduction, supplementation/nootropics, and other complementary therapies. Outcomes are then monitored with repeated testing over time.
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Our Integrative Medical Practitioner has access to extensive functional pathology testing including:

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Integrative Medicine Pricing

Initial Integrative Medical Consult
New Patients - 75 mins

(medicare rebate available)


Follow Up Integrative Medical Consult - 60 mins

(medicare rebate available)


Follow Up Integrative Medical Consult - 45 mins

(medicare rebate available)


Follow Up Integrative Medical Consult - 30 mins

(medicare rebate available)


Follow Up Integrative Medical Consult - 15 mins

(medicare rebate available)


Integrative Medicine FAQs

There’s no such thing as a silly question, especially when your health is concerned. Here are some of our ALTR therapies FAQs. For any other advice on love, life and colonics drop us a line.

Yes, our ALTR practitioners are either registered Physio’s or Chiro’s and therefore you can claim under your private health cover. Rebates will vary depending on your level of cover and threshold.

Yes, our practitioners use a range of manual techniques and “adjustments” are simply just one method in their ‘tool kit’ 

That is how long it takes to be thorough. Our ALTR practitioners are extremely talented and look at the body through a very holistic lense. 

Acronym for: ’Allostatic Load and Tissue Release’ and ‘Adaptive Load and Tissue Remodelling’.

ALTR practitioners at pH Clinic are unique in that they have a holistic view of the body and treat it as a whole to determine the root cause of the body’s compensation strategy and symptoms. All ALTR practitioners have undergone extra training and education in an array of fields in order to understand these complex compensation strategies in the body. 

All ALTR practitioners are AHPRA registered physicians, either in Chiropractic or Physiotherapy. They specialise in Oov Therapy, a unique 3 dimensionally unstable device that is Australian made and owned. Our practitioners use the Oov as a diagnostic tool and a corrector for inefficient movement and motor control.  

The Oov is unlike any other exercise/treatment device out on the market. The Oov is a 3 dimensionally unstable, bio-mimicry device that our ALTR practitioners use as a diagnostic tool and movement corrector in their consults. The Oov illuminates the patients compensation strategies and can help to pinpoint spots in the body where motor control and isolated movements are more difficult for the patient – this is just one facet of information your ALTR practitioner will use when treating you. 

An initial consult with out ALTR practitioners are 2 hours, in that time your practitioner will See and Hear you with as much detail and care as they possibly can. Follow up consults are 1 hour, however the aim is to have you healed in one session – no extensive practitioner dependencies here!

Often pain presents as a symptom of a strategy which the body has employed to protect a weakness or imbalance. ALTR practitioners are incredible at recognising the strategy. They will then be able to empower you to change the mechanics with certain rehab, exercises, lifestyle changes etc and remedy the imbalance in turn eliminating the pain.

How pH Clinic can help you

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