ALTR Therapies

A highly unique approach to your holistic needs

ALTR Therapies

ALTR therapies is an acronym that stands for:

Allostatic Load and Tissue Release 


Adaptive Load and Tissue Remodelling

These mean the combination of Manual Therapy techniques and Rehabilitation concepts will be used together in your consultation to achieve the best outcome for you that we can. 

We have a strong and unique philosophical approach to helping you empower yourself in your own healing/performance journey. 

Benefits of ALTR Therapies

ALTR therapies may assist with the following issues:

Benefits of ALTR Therapies

ALTR therapies may assist with the following issues:

How we work

Starting with a 2 hour Initial consultation, we endeavour to See and Hear you and your brief with as much detail and care as possible. Our main passion is Complex, Chronic conditions that have withstood other efforts and continue to impact on your maximum health and happiness. Our follow up consultations are 1 hour however we aim to in-build redundancy in our care as soon as possible – no extensive practitioner dependencies here!

We are all AHPRA registered Manual Therapists (Chiropractors or Physiotherapists) but who have undergone additional learning to appreciate the body’s many ways of compensation. So you will be treated using an array of manual techniques that will differ case by case and with your full input and direction.

We specifically use the OOV as a principle diagnostic tool for your Functional state (alongside traditional tests like Orthopaedic exams, Neurological and Physical examinations, radiographic interpretation and consideration, Nutritional information (digestive and dietary), Circadian biology, aspects of Psycho-corporeal (mind body interface) and more) as we believe this is the most objective and fair way of working with you to understand your body.

We love our work and we love continually learning and changing our approach to our patients. We hope we can be of service to you in your health pursuits.

OOV Therapies

The Oov is a unique, 3 dimensionally unstable, bio-mimicry device that is Australian designed and manufactured (by an Australian osteopath, Daniel Vladeta). It is, in our estimation, the best diagnostic tool a practitioner can hope for as well as a corrective device for movement/motor control, function and performance of your body.

We are proud to have one of only two Master Educators of the Oov practising in our Clinic however ALL of our practitioners are Oov accredited and highly experienced practitioners with this device. It is definitely a game changer in any case but especially so in the hands of the most highly qualified practitioners that are using it! 

Come and see what the fuss is about with your own functional assessment and personalised movement/rehabilitation/performance prescription from our practitioners.

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ALTR Pricing

Initial Consult

2 hours (value depending on practitioner)

to $450

Follow up consult

1 hour (value depending on practitioner)

to $225

pH Clinic ALTR Testimonials

"I have been fortunate to see Nick over the last couple of years. One of the best in Australia, which can be tricky to describe in one sentence. Hopefully this does it justice. The first thing that comes to mind is he’s a holistic brilliance. Nick has an incredible ability to combine Eastern and Western methodologies, identify the root problem, treat and set you on your way with a refreshing new perspective of what your body was in need of. Honest, humble, in-depth, and in some cases life changing - it is a true gift to have him based at pH Clinic and on the Northern Beaches. "

Emma Shearman

"I have been working with clients mutually with Nick for over 6 years. Nick's understanding of what allows health and performance in the human body is the most extensive I have come across, and his capacity to bridge many different areas of understanding of the human body and what affects it, allow for an empowering, highly effective service that quite literally turns lives around for the better, during the session. In experiencing Nick's work from three different aspects- receiving treatment, learning how to improve my own treatment protocols and also working alongside Nick on various clients, I have hugely improved the quality of my own life and greatly increased my capacity to help my clients. I believe one of Nick's greatest assets as a practitioner is his ability to quickly distill key elements of need, in the order they need to be addressed, from various elements of a person's health. In this way he is able to create and support immense, empowered change for anyone that walks into his clinic, and I highly recommend anyone- from those suffering severe and chronic health issues, to top level athletes- to do so."

Mitch Barraclough
Pain and injury specialist.

ALTR Therapies FAQs

There’s no such thing as a silly question, especially when your health is concerned. Here are some of our ALTR therapies FAQs. For any other advice on love, life and colonics drop us a line.

Yes, our ALTR practitioners are either registered Physio’s or Chiro’s and therefore you can claim under your private health cover. Rebates will vary depending on your level of cover and threshold.

Yes, our practitioners use a range of manual techniques and “adjustments” are simply just one method in their ‘tool kit’ 

That is how long it takes to be thorough. Our ALTR practitioners are extremely talented and look at the body through a very holistic lense. 

Acronym for: ’Allostatic Load and Tissue Release’ and ‘Adaptive Load and Tissue Remodelling’.

ALTR practitioners at pH Clinic are unique in that they have a holistic view of the body and treat it as a whole to determine the root cause of the body’s compensation strategy and symptoms. All ALTR practitioners have undergone extra training and education in an array of fields in order to understand these complex compensation strategies in the body. 

All ALTR practitioners are AHPRA registered physicians, either in Chiropractic or Physiotherapy. They specialise in Oov Therapy, a unique 3 dimensionally unstable device that is Australian made and owned. Our practitioners use the Oov as a diagnostic tool and a corrector for inefficient movement and motor control.  

The Oov is unlike any other exercise/treatment device out on the market. The Oov is a 3 dimensionally unstable, bio-mimicry device that our ALTR practitioners use as a diagnostic tool and movement corrector in their consults. The Oov illuminates the patients compensation strategies and can help to pinpoint spots in the body where motor control and isolated movements are more difficult for the patient – this is just one facet of information your ALTR practitioner will use when treating you. 

An initial consult with out ALTR practitioners are 2 hours, in that time your practitioner will See and Hear you with as much detail and care as they possibly can. Follow up consults are 1 hour, however the aim is to have you healed in one session – no extensive practitioner dependencies here!

Often pain presents as a symptom of a strategy which the body has employed to protect a weakness or imbalance. ALTR practitioners are incredible at recognising the strategy. They will then be able to empower you to change the mechanics with certain rehab, exercises, lifestyle changes etc and remedy the imbalance in turn eliminating the pain.

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