Interdisiplinary Question

Interdisciplinary Triage Questionnaire:

Here’s a 14 question quick screen so we can best support you from where you are to where you want to go. Don’t think too hard about the answers, just answer the best fit quickly – this should take 11 minutes or less. This is not your health screen or clinical notes or anything to be judged, it merely allows us to send you the relevant material and put you in touch with the relevant modality or practitioner/s to delve deeper and more personally into your health and provide treatment or solutions if possible. The purpose of this is to allow us to hep you and for you and us to track your progress to make sure were supporting you the best and most efficiently way we can. Too often in alternative care people plug away for ages without results – the interdisciplinary model makes sure we maximise the chance of you experiencing your life as fully as you want.


Question 1: Calibration question for our graph(Required)
Question 2: Environment Part 1 – What water do you drink mostly(Required)
Question 3: Environment Part 2 – What sort of light environment do you live in(Required)
Question 4: What’s your Environmental Radiation exposure like?(Required)


Question 6: What mindset describes you most of the time(Required)
Question 7: Regulation(Required)
Question 8: What best describes your world view?(Required)


Question 9: What answer best describes my Energy and my Sleep?(Required)
Question 10: Which answer best describes your perceived state of your PHYSICAL body(Required)
Question 11: What best describes your physical routine?(Required)

Food/supplements/medication and Digestion:

Question 12: What best describes your Gut function/How your digestion or Stomach area feels?(Required)
Question 13: What best describes your Food/Nutrition philosophy/practices?(Required)
Question 14: Medication(Required)

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