Physiotherapy at PH Clinic can take you all the way through from initial diagnosis to treatment and then end stage rehab, such as return to sport or your favourite activities. Both acute and chronic pain needs a holistic approach to the body. Physiotherapy will look at the injury, but also consider globally how the body is functionally moving, ultimately finding the driver to your symptoms or concerns. 

Physiotherapy can also be preventative for chronic disease and reducing the need for surgical intervention such as knee and hip replacements. 

What can Physiotherapy help with?

Physiotherapy may help to support the following:

How we work

An initial is 1 hour in duration, follow-ups can be 30 mins or 1 hour. In this initial appointment Deb will take a detailed history, do any necessary tests, look holistically at the body, diagnose and then begin treatment. Deb believes there is a connectivity of the body, and the body to the mind that is fundamentally important to healing and treating the whole person. Following the Connect Therapy™ Approach (, its core philosophy is that every body is unique in how Injuries and pain can arise. It can be local, or possibly have a driver further up or down the chain. These drivers are usually areas of dysfunctional movement, and meaningful tasks or functional movements are used to find them. Treatment is very hands-on and can include; mobilisations, manipulations, soft tissue massage, dry needling, muscle energy techniques, exercises and even Pilates. 


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Raise Self-awareness, realise more choices and move through stuckness so you can get to where you want to be in life and fulfill your purpose.


Physiotherapy Session Pricing

Initial Physiotherapy session



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pH Clinic Physiotherapy Testimonials

“The Self-Love Project provided me with much needed practical, yet playful tools to get out of my negative and confused state of mind and set me back on track to seek happiness. I loved how it was simplified into four pillars as it made it easy to follow and apply.”

Maria Strohmeier, Accountant

“Learning how to really speak my heart has honestly made such a huge difference to my life – very profound experience and healing. Also, learning to love myself without force has helped me to really find my new baseline of self-love and to open up and connect more with myself and with other people. Hearing other’s experiences in the group gave me a greater understanding of how self-love works for other people which then helped with my own insights into my relationship with myself. It was really great to have that personal touch with the live facilitator. 

Kimberly Banfield, Soul Purpose Coach

“I would literally recommend The Self-Love Project to anybody… no matter how confident, smart, funny, charming, or physically fit they may be. I’m recommending The Self-Love Project to anybody seeking a better understanding of themselves, and others.”

Oli Oulsnam, Architect

Physiotherapy FAQs

Any scan reports relevant and any referrals if you have them. 
No. Physiotherapists are considered first contact practitioners so no referral is needed. 
Most treatment is hands on. It can include mobilisations, manipulations, soft tissue massage, dry needling, trigger point releases, muscle energy techniques, exercises in the clinic (including some Pilates) and home exercises too.
Sometimes. This depends on the nature of your symptoms and your injury mechanisms. Deb can refer for an MRI, X-ray, Ultra sound, and CT if indicated for musculoskeletal issues. 
Yes. All appointments are claimable through extras private health insurance and are done though our HICAPS machine at the front desk. Rebates vary between funds and levels of cover. Please refer to your individual policy for exact rebates.
Yes. These are 5 treatments that your GP can refer you for through Medicare per calendar year. They are partially paid appointments and the rest is covered by the individual. The EPC program was established for chronic conditions. In this scenario, you pay the full amount for your session and can claim back the EPC rebate through Medicare online or in person. Please refer to Medicare and your GP for any further info. 
Initials are 1 hour in duration. Follow ups can be 30mins to 1 hour. This depends on the complexity of your situation. 
To see ones body effectively I need to palpate, move and visualise the area. Ideally wear something that can show that area easily. Eg. If you have a knee issue, wear or bring shorts. If it’s a shoulder, a singlet top would be perfect.
No. I gave this up a few years back as the paper work and time involved was too much to be sustainable. Please contact front desk if you have a referral and need worker comp/ third party claiming. 
This depends. For some it’s 1, for others it’s more. Many factors determine this such as the injury, how closely I need to monitor you and your symptoms, the natural healing/recovery time for an injury, complexity etc. We will always discuss the expected duration of treatment during your initial appointment and any barriers can be managed.
Yes. I am more than happy to chat to any other practitioner and do handovers if I think you need further investigations or we need a multidisciplinary approach. Communication is only made after your consent. 

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