What is Kinesiology?

pH Clinic offers Sydney Kinesiology from our welcoming clinic located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.  Kinesiology is a dynamic modality of encompassing ancient wisdom from eastern traditions and modern knowledge from western science. A form of energy balancing that combines the knowledge of Chinese acupuncture, osteopathy, nutrition, psychology and the subtle energy bodies (chakras). It promotes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health emphasising health maintenance, disease prevention, client education and client responsibility.

Benefits of Kinesiology

Kinesiology may assist with the following issues:



How does Kinesiology work?

Kinesiology uses gentle manual muscle monitoring to gain direct feedback from the body to identify underlying stress patterns and their causes. Using acupoints, neurolymphatic & neurovascular reflexes, affirmations, exercise & energetic techniques to correct these imbalances, Kinesiology causes positive change to take place on a conscious and energetic level.

The muscles are used as a biofeedback system to identify the underlying cause of blockage from the person’s subconscious mind via the nervous system. Muscle monitoring is used to access information from the brain, in relation to the problem and also guides the practitioner to choose the correction required in order to stimulate the person’s innate healing capacity and supporting their physiology to return to normal function.

pH Clinic is home to Sydney Kinesiologist Natalia Stanley. She is a nurturing and talented practitioner who is authentic and holistic in her approach to health. Every treatment is unique and tailored to suit the individual’s needs on that specific day.

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pH Clinic Kinesiology Testimonials

"pH clinic has been such a blessing to find and is such a gem in Manly. As a new mum of an 11 week old I was eager to do some things to help me feel like myself again, rebalance, and take some alone time. pH clinic has been pretty much a one-stop-shop for that. I started with a kinesiology session that came highly recommended from a friend, then found out about the rest of their offerings as well. I’ve now done 2 kinesiology sessions, a lymphatic massage, and infrared sauna and they’ve all been just what I needed and I’ve been so happy with every experience. The staff is all super knowledgeable and friendly and it’s really nice just chatting with them. They’re all very genuine and invested in making you feel your best. Can’t recommend highly enough :)"

Victoria A.

"I am so thankful to have discovered PH Clinic, the advice and knowledge within the team is amazing - I always feel like I learn more about my body after each visit. Big fan of the newsletters! Love the topics and stories shared.”

Lorraine C.

Kinesiology FAQs

There’s no such thing as a silly question, especially when your health is concerned. Here are some of our colonic hydrotherapy FAQs. For any other advice on love, life and colonics drop us a line.

Manual muscle monitoring is done by the Kinesiologist placing a muscle into a specific position and applying light pressure in order to establish the muscle’s response. The response provides an indication as to whether or not the body is holding stress in relation to the muscle, energy meridian or issue.

It is a simple and painless process and is the Kinesiologist’s main assessment tool.

Stress can be structural, chemical (nutrition), electrical (brain integration) or emotional in nature. When something is causing stress to the body the muscles will respond accordingly when monitored.

Traditional Chinese medicine principles state that ‘stress’ blocks the flow of energy or “Qi” (pronounced chi) in and around the body. This subsequently affects the functioning of organs, glands, muscles and systems of the body which in turn affects overall health and wellbeing.

Stress may be conscious or unconscious and is often hidden under several layers. Dramatic changes can be seen once the bottom causal layer of the stress is dealt with and resolved.

Kinesiology enables us to deal with all the layers of stress to uncover and release the core ‘stress’ layer, thereby freeing you of the stress and/or giving you and your body ways to manage and cope with the stress, which will facilitate natural
healing and wellbeing.

Your Kinesiologist will not diagnose, treat or work with named diseases. You may have a medical issue. She will simply balance your body’s energy to put it in the best possible frame to utilise its own healing abilities, which may assist with that issue.

Kinesiology can help with a wide range of health issues however you don’t need to be sick to benefit from Kinesiology. It can help you make positive changes and improve your overall health and wellbeing in many different ways.

Yes, Kinesiology is a recognised natural therapy. It is completely safe with no negative side effects. It is fully guided by your muscles’ responses and is done in complete privacy.

The first session will usually begin with a detailed personal and medical history. Kinesiologist will discuss with you what you would like to work on and a treatment plan. During the session there may be some counseling that takes place and you could be asked to perform some physical movements for postural, orthopaedic, physical or brain functions assessments.

You will then be asked to lie on a massage table (remaining fully clothed). Gentle muscle monitoring will be used to identify stresses within the body and mind, whilst counseling and discussing findings. A range of techniques may be used from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupressure, chiropractic and osteopathic structural techniques, homeopathy, counseling, lymphatic reflex points, chakra balancing, reflexology, crystals, nutritional testing and advice, and more.

Each session is unique and tailored to each client but expect to be involved!

Depending on your issue you may achieve the results you are after in one session however it is beneficial to have a few balances in order to stabilise and reinforce changes to enable your body to get used to a different and new way of thinking. Kinesiology is generally fast and effective with lasting results.

Each session will generally take 1½ hours to enable your therapist to take an appropriate client history and get a good insight into what you are aiming to achieve.  As you become more familiar with the therapy some sessions may only require 60 mins.

Kinesiology is done when you are fully dressed, however, to feel comfortable you may wish to wear shorts or pants, which allow flexible movement. You will likely be lying on a massage table and there may be some leg movements involved.

No, you don’t need to bring anything specific with you. If you are on medication or supplements you may wish to bring them with you and we can muscle test for compatibility with your body.

One major difference between the Kinesiology practiced at pH Clinic and some others is the length of training. The Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP) course is 3-4 years long and involves many hours of study with hands-on experience. Some Kinesiology training courses are just a few months in length or even weekends. Whilst these short courses are a good and useful complement to other forms of therapy, PKP Kinesiology can be an excellent complete therapy in itself.

Another difference is the Holistic approach to Kinesiology treatment. This approach involves incorporating all aspects of the client – what is happening with them on a physical level and psychological level and the relationships between the two. It also uses constitutional analysis and considers environmental and lifestyle factors.

Integrating both the mind (neurology, emotions and psychology) and body (structure and biochemistry) in treatment and their impact on each other allows for the client to understand the cause of their stress or illness. This understanding places the client in a far more empowered position as they realise the role they play in their healing.

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