“The purpose of psychotherapy is to set people free.” Rollo May 


Psychotherapy supports clients to raise Self-awareness around unconscious thought and feeling patterns that determine their behavior, various mood states and cause blockages in a person’s ability to live a fulfilling life that meets their full potential. By better understanding the patterns of your mind, heart, relationships, and the way you do life in general, you will have access to greater levels of clarity, choice and personal power to create a life that is more consciously your own.   

Issues Psychotherapy can help you move beyond 

Psychotherapy may help to support the following:

The Self Love Project

Eloise believes Self-Love is ultimately an altruistic pursuit. “When a person commits to both the art and science of Self-Love, the positive effects are felt first by the individual, of course, but soon ripple out to impact their friends, family, colleagues and significant others as well,”

The Self-Love Project is a 6 week program which supports you to cultivate 12 simple, research-based daily habits across four key pillars for physical, emotional and mental wellness, in as little as 20 minutes a day.

Commit to The Self-Love Project’s pillars – Mindfulness, Happiness, Food & Movement – and watch your inner-strength, emotional stability and capacity for optimism grow. It’s worked for many others, it will work for you too.

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Raise Self-awareness, realise more choices and move through stuckness so you can get to where you want to be in life and fulfill your purpose.

Psychotherapy Session Pricing

Initial Psychotherapy session (70 mins)


Follow up Psychotherapy session (55mins)


4 pack Psychotherapy session
(valid for 2 months)


Transitioning from Stress to Becoming a Love-Burner (6 Month Group Program)

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pH Clinic Psychotherapy Testimonials

“The Self-Love Project provided me with much needed practical, yet playful tools to get out of my negative and confused state of mind and set me back on track to seek happiness. I loved how it was simplified into four pillars as it made it easy to follow and apply.”

Maria Strohmeier, Accountant

“Learning how to really speak my heart has honestly made such a huge difference to my life – very profound experience and healing. Also, learning to love myself without force has helped me to really find my new baseline of self-love and to open up and connect more with myself and with other people. Hearing other’s experiences in the group gave me a greater understanding of how self-love works for other people which then helped with my own insights into my relationship with myself. It was really great to have that personal touch with the live facilitator. 

Kimberly Banfield, Soul Purpose Coach

“I would literally recommend The Self-Love Project to anybody… no matter how confident, smart, funny, charming, or physically fit they may be. I’m recommending The Self-Love Project to anybody seeking a better understanding of themselves, and others.”

Oli Oulsnam, Architect

Psychotherapy & Coaching FAQs

Coaching is future focused and generally about setting goals, understanding strengths and working with strategies for achieving your personal or professional desires in real and measurable terms. After all, achieving something you intentionally set your sights on feels fabulous.

Psychotherapy, on the other hand, works in real and present time, to explore and understand what challenges are emerging within and around you, to raise awareness around what behavioural or thought patterns may be blocking your progress, and what past experiences may need to be resolved internally to create space for new and vital life force to flow through you.

Most people benefit from a unique blend of both.

The number of sessions required is specific to each individual. While on the rare occasion a client will book one session and feel complete, to gain true clarity and a proper understanding of your Self experience, it is likely to take some time. The journey, however, is a deeply personal and rewarding one… because it’s all about you!

In general, we recommend a course of six sessions after your initial appointment, booked in for weekly or fortnightly visits in advance. After that, we invite you to actively participate in determining whether you need ongoing sessions in order to satisfy needs around your goal achievement and/or soothing personal distress. Most people will require between 4 and 12 sessions, but more or less can sometimes be necessary.

Once you feel you have achieved your goal or tackled the issue that inspired you to book, a monthly maintenance plan is helpful for many people.

Psychotherapy & Coaching will help with most life challenges. The experience is designed to raise awareness and promote increased life choices, in particular when one is stuck. Psychotherapy is often used to treat mental health conditions, but is just as useful for those who want to change unhelpful thoughts and behaviours, or simply explore their existing growth edge for a richer experience of life.
Your first session is an opportunity for you to share yourself, or the thing that has been challenging you, without any risk of rejection or judgement, in a private and confidential space. That in itself can be of enormous therapeutic value for people as judgement, either real or imagined, is one of the biggest issues facing people today. Your initial visit is an opportunity for you and your therapist to get to know each other, get a handle on your issue and a sense of how best to proceed.
Some private health insurers do offer rebates for this Psychotherapy & Coaching, but you will need to check in with your individual insurance (or workers compensation) provider to find out. There is no Medicare rebate offered by the Australian Government, yet.

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