Health is available for everyone! But it doesn’t come in a can, or a packet. It isn’t a pill or a cream. It is a commitment, an honouring of your body, mind and spirit. We promise to support you on your health journey, whatever your circumstance.


Invest in your health today to prevent disease tomorrow! Feel lighter in your body, clearer in your mind and become a happier, healthier you everyday.


We specialise in reducing the toxic load on the body to give it the opportunity to re-calibrate and heal itself. Help your healing process naturally for a happier healthier you.


Enhance your performance by reducing inflammation, toxicity and improve cellular health and circulation for a fitter, faster stronger you.


Are you living up to your health potential?

Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel...





Melissa, 35yrs

“Over the past few years I have been having ongoing gut related health issues with symptoms including lethargy, tiredness, poor concentration and regularly low in Iron and have tried different remedies that resulted in short term fixes only.

Nicola’s professionalism, friendly, gentle empathetic nature, immediately put you at ease in what can be quite a nerve racking situation for some. Her care, experience and knowledge in how the gut works along with the specialty designed treatment rooms, which are warm and inviting, ensures you are not only as relaxed as possible during the treatment but you also gain an insight into how your body is currently functioning. Nicola ensures your comfort is her priority during the treatment. She is passionate about health and wellness with this showing in her dedication to the wellbeing and care of each client, often going above and beyond to help keep your health a priority. Nicola was able to help pinpoint candida and parasites and with follow up treatments for both, I now feel fantastic having worked through the root cause of my symptoms and would highly recommend Nicola and the Team at pH Clinic.”

Anonymous Male, 41yrs

“I was referred to the pH Clinic following diagnosis of intestinal parasites and IBS. Through colonic sessions with Nicola and massage with Charlotte (+ infrared sauna) over a 3 month period, my body went from running on 1-2 cylinders to now running on a full 6 cylinders! Nicola and Charlotte bring such positive energy and care to their treatments that will ultimately leave the body fully energized. The pH clinic has truly changed the trajectory of my life – HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

Tracey, 56 yrs

“Nicola from pH Clinic is a passionate owner and therapist! I have so much gratitude to her for the improvement of my overall health and wellbeing. After a gruelling period of chemotherapy and radiation from cancer, I needed daily doses of morphine to help with pain management. As one can imagine has other consequences to the body. After only 4 sessions at pH Clinic I can say I’m feeling so much better. My energy has returned, I feel clean and rejuvenated!

I didn’t realise how rundown I was feeling on a daily basis until I started to feel better. I didn’t realise how toxic I was! The education I received from Nicola was fascinating and logical. I must say I was nervous at first but the process was easy and clean. Not embarrassing at all. The benefits outweigh any embarrassment factor! Colonics are must for everyone! Thank you for giving me back my spark!”

Lucy M, 22 yrs

“I love coming to pH clinic – every visit makes you leave feeling amazing, lighter and blissful! If you are feeling hesitant or apprehensive about any of the treatments there is really no need to feel this way! Nicola will make you feel safe and will answer any questions you’ve been wondering about. My favourite treatments include colonics, infrared sauna and massage. Colonics help reset my rhythm and not only do I feel better physically, but emotionally I feel lighter and happier.

Infrared sauna to follow allows your body to sweat out any lingering nasties – I love bringing my bestie along so we can chat and detox all at the same time! If you’re looking for a massage, I can’t describe in words how amazing Charlotte is – she is the best massage therapist around! Do yourself a massive favour and book today – you won’t understand the actual potential of how good you can truly feel until you’ve had a visit to the pH Clinic.”

Janette, 48yrs

“pH Clinic offers high quality therapists and value for money services. I started with remedial massage – it was so good I then sent my husband who said it was “the best massage he ever had”. I tried the infrared sauna when I had a cold and sore throat. I don’t like traditional steam saunas, but this was great. I was sweating out toxins but not feeling dehydrated.

After two infrared saunas I was 90% recovered. THEN, I tried the colonic therapy. I was a bit nervous but the therapist was so professional I was soon freely chatting about bloating, gas and poo! I felt completely safe and there was no discomfort during the procedure or later. What I hadn’t expected was how good I would feel afterwards. Really light, full of energy, clear headed and a lot calmer in my mind and body.”

Sarah, 31yrs

“I have just completed my first, of what I now plan to be regular colonic hydrotherapy sessions. My nerves were transformed by the friendly knowledgeable and healing hands of Nic, into an inquisitive fascination and renewed respect for a process my body does everyday. My body feels lighter and brighter and my mind clearer. I feel fresh! I feel surprised! I didn’t expect to feel these immediate effects. I especially loved the coconut oil tummy massage ????

Thank you, as someone who loves life and health, this is a perfect addition to my regime.”

Karen, 34 yrs

“To say I was nervous, would be an understatement. YouTube & Google did nothing for my nerves… The image of the ‘experience’ I saw online, stuck in my mind for years and if a discussion started with friends about colonics, I’d always find myself repeating “I’d like to try it, but…”

Skip forward a few years and welcome to the mature version of myself – version 2.0. Word-of-mouth led me to Progressive Health Clinic, based in Manly with the incomparable Nicola at the helm. Spend 5 minutes with Nic and you too will see – this girl knows what she’s talking about. There was definitely a sense of ease and comfort felt immediately. At the time of my first session, the nerves were somewhat there but I got over it very quickly. So much so, I’ve been back a handful of times and I actually look forward to it! I’ve felt the difference in the way my body functions (as it now absorbs the good stuff in the food I eat) but I’ve also noticed a change in the way it looks, whether it be my stomach or the darkness under my eyes. If you’re still ‘thinking about it’, just do it. You’ll become so much more aware of what you’re putting into your body and the outcome will only work in your favour!”

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