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Health is available for everyone! But it doesn’t come in a can, or a packet. It isn’t a pill or a cream. It is a commitment, an honouring of your body, mind and spirit. We promise to support you on your health journey, whatever your circumstance.

Our therapies

We offer a range of alternative therapies to support you from chronic illness all the way to peak performance.

Colonic Hydrotherapy

Almost everyone knows the importance of Gut health these days but few know how helpful colonics can be to assist your Gut’s natural balance and regulation.

Infrared Sauna

We offer the latest technology in Infrared Therapy. Our Clearlight Sanctuary Infrared Sauna’s offer the most potent dose of full spectrum (near, mid and far) Infrared with the lowest EMF and ELF output.


Our full body Cryo Cabin offers the most cutting edge technology currently available worldwide. Exposing your body safely to cold has many purported and researched benefits – our system allows you to do that hygienically and efficiently for your modern lifestyle leaving you feeling great.

Red light therapy

Red light therapy targets the skin cells, superficial musculature and fascial tissues, improving cellular health to achieve enhanced well-being. Red light therapy can enhance cellular function leading to systemic improvements across your body.


Allostatic Load & Trauma Release (ALTR) takes a unique approach to therapeutic intervention, influenced by manual therapy, movement re-education, mindfulness and nutrition.


Naturopathy uses the therapeutic constituents found naturally in herbs and plants, as well as food as medicine to help treat and assist with various health conditions.


An holistic approach to clinical nutrition, focusing on eating the right food for you and your circumstances and ensuring you have a plan and direction to nourish yourself as best as you can.


Kinesiology is a dynamic modality combining the knowledge of Chinese acupuncture, Osteopathy, Nutrition, Psychology and energy balancing to help support physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health.

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“Health is not valued until sickness comes.
Be proactive and prevent disease”


I didn’t realise how rundown I was feeling on a daily basis until I started to feel better. I didn’t realise how toxic I was! The education I received from Nicola was fascinating and logical. I must say I was nervous at first but the process was easy and clean. Not embarrassing at all. The benefits outweigh any embarrassment factor! Colonics are must for everyone! Thank you for giving me back my spark!


56 years

“I love coming to pH clinic – every visit makes you leave feeling amazing, lighter and blissful! If you are feeling hesitant or apprehensive about any of the treatments there is really no need to feel this way! Nicola will make you feel safe and will answer any questions you’ve been wondering about. My favourite treatments include colonics, infrared sauna and massage. Colonics help reset my rhythm and not only do I feel better physically, but emotionally I feel lighter and happier.


22 years

“I was referred to the pH Clinic following diagnosis of intestinal parasites and IBS. Through colonic sessions with Nicola and massage with Charlotte (+ infrared sauna) over a 3 month period, my body went from running on 1-2 cylinders to now running on a full 6 cylinders! Nicola and Charlotte bring such positive energy and care to their treatments that will ultimately leave the body fully energized. The pH clinic has truly changed the trajectory of my life – HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

Anonymous Male

41 years

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How pH Clinic can help you

The Skin-Gut Axis

As a natural health practitioner, we’re always working to identify the underlying drivers to our clients health concerns. That way we can address the root

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