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Written by Master Chiropractor and ALTR Practitioner Nick Dawe.

I felt great for a few days after my treatment but then I went back to the way I was feeling before….

Have you ever experienced this before with a treatment?? Regrettably this is a common experience in manual therapy treatments. It leaves you tethered to your physician or the treatment modality that appeared to ‘work’ for you. Let me explain why we believe this happens and how we attempt to change this for you – giving you back your independence from the medical system.

Essentially, your body (including its symptoms) are a result of your body responding to a task or environment in a certain way – we call this your “strategy”. Your strategy simply relies on the available information provided from WITHIN your body (and a little from OUTSIDE your body) PLUS what your brain thinks (perceives) what it’s trying to do. Importantly, we believe this is always the best strategy your body can generate – never an error or mistake which is the common stance taken by patients and other doctors. 

You cannot simply take away aspects of this strategy with tissue release of any form without offering an alternative option to the brain first! That’s why you feel ‘better’ for a short while before the previous strategy inevitably returns. 

That’s why we use a unique, super effective and safe diagnostic method to first establish WHAT your strategy is. This is done using an Oov which allows a patient to feel and understand exactly what their own body is doing (without a practitioner telling you what’s ‘wrong’ with your body using their own biases to generate this opinion) – at the same time the practitioner sees and agrees with you about your strategy. This is the fairest and most holistic approach available on the market. Once your strategy has been fairly seen, we can start to figure out whether it will change itself (quickly, subconsciously and safely) or whether information needs to be added (load in certain ways) or subtracted (motor control) to get your body to rethink its best options. This must occur before any 3rd party treatment to ensure your body has the necessary agility to accept any changes to its previous best strategy (whether you liked that strategy or otherwise). Often at ALTR we find the body is more than capable of changing itself completely out of the symptomatic strategy- clearly the most sustainable and powerful way. In the instance where we see an opportunity to assist your body make or hold a new strategy we will use an expert array of treatments to do so:

Cranial osteopathic lineage treatments, chiropractic adjustments, functional neurological tricks to activate muscles and chains, reflexologenic reintegration, tissue release strategies and much more – like we have emphasised, we are experts in movement re-education in a session with the other treatment options. Exactly what to use and when is gleaned from your body’s own strategy (with its permission) and integrated immediately by your own body to consolidate the change. Read below for a simple way of understanding what different treatments do so you’re better equipped to understand your own treatment.

Before, often during and always after a treatment we offer high potency re-education functional movements to allow your body to quickly alter its strategy. It’s important that a patient commits to some form of training for a period of 4-8 weeks to ensure the quick change (functional neurological change) can gain traction to ultimately becoming a permanent and richer strategy (structural neurological change) – breaking the need for ongoing manual therapy to break even in your own body! This frees up space, energy and resources for you to generate greater joy, health and fun in your life with confidence in your physical and chemical body. Often we’ll supplement the physical prescription with educated insights into your environmental biophysics, system biochemistry and, if available and prudent, your outlook on life – though we are also fond of co-management with other experts in each sector. 

What is the difference between an adjustment and a mobilisation of a joint?

An adjustment (popping sound) stimulates the 3rd mechanoreceptors in your joints (there are 4 all up and mechanoreceptors are the eyes of the joint deciding what tension to adopt and what information goes from the joint to the brain or spine and what information reaches which dictates in part the response those areas make back to the joint – it’s called the sensorymotor system). These mechanoreceptors create an INHIBITORY effect meaning they loosen a joint (for better or worse). Mobilisations which move a joint but don’t make any noise stimulate the 1 and 2 mechanoreceptors which inversely cause an EXCITATORY or tightening of the tissues around the joint (for better or worse). Does your physician know the difference and can they do both when required to ensure safety and efficacy?? Do they know what it means and what to do when either one creates a change in the strategy? Ours do. It takes great systems and skill to assess what to do and when. Come try the ALTR difference. Come and Try the ALTR Difference!

pHClinic Team

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