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BioTra Retreat

BioTra Retreat with Nick Dawe and Nathan Siles

Join us to usher in a novel and powerful system of Health: BioTra. The first system to formally address the challenging biophysics landscape of modern living SIMULTANEOUSLY integrating with your physical training regimen. We believe It’s the most well rounded approach to movement currently available that maintains it’s suitability to

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Did You Know That Your Body Is Designed To Feel Amazing?

Written By Chiropractic Masters Student/ALTR Practitioner and pH Clinic Admin Legend Charlie Morgan In todays world, unfortunately the ‘norm’ is to accept that some people just suffer from ‘bad luck’ when it comes to health or they think ‘it’s out of my control’ when things go wrong. Your body is

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Bio-Hacking Essentials For Modern Life

By Master Chiropractor and ALTR Practitioner Nick Dawe People are tired, and perhaps wary also, of a list of benefits for a product or service. The real question someone could ask themselves is… Why don’t I surround myself with nourishment and good feelings all the time? Why do I settle

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Could poor breathing be effecting your Iron levels?

Do you struggle with having low iron levels, even after supplementation and iron infusions? One of the many contributing factors could be the way that you breathe. We breathe 30,000 times a day and as a species, the majority of humans are not in fact breathing correctly.  There will be

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You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty

Water is critical to the body’s functions as the body is made up of more than 75% water. The remaining 25% is tissue. If we look deeper at the composition of some of the vital organs that are essential to keeping us alive and healthy, they too are majority water:

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