Did You Know That Your Body Is Designed To Feel Amazing?

Written By Chiropractic Masters Student/ALTR Practitioner and pH Clinic Admin Legend Charlie Morgan

In todays world, unfortunately the ‘norm’ is to accept that some people just suffer from ‘bad luck’ when it comes to health or they think ‘it’s out of my control’ when things go wrong.

Your body is an incredible organism that responds to whatever environment it is put in, it will adapt and overcome for as long as it can before the system starts to break down, this is where we start to see chronic illness, injuries and pain, fatigue, mental health issues and any other number of issues. If you give your body bad ‘input’ how can you expect the ‘output’ to be any better?

As ALTR practitioners our views on the body are unique as a whole, but the core belief that sets us apart from the rest is that we truly believe the body is perfect and is always doing what it thinks is right for you. We focus on the innate wonders of the human body and provide people with the tools to RE-empower (yes the power was yours to begin with) themselves using deeply nourishing movement practices and powerful holistic wellness concepts. There are no tricks, we give you the tools to return your body back to its most natural state. You leave your ALTR consults feeling excited, and most of all empowered because you’ve reignited that innate part of yourself. Perfectly situated within pH Clinic, the ALTR treatments you receive will include recommendations for a range of the biophysics modalities that pH offers, you will have access to all their offerings in the form of carefully tailored programs depending on your specific brief. Remember, we simply give you the tools to add more nourishment and happiness to your own lives. 

If you give the body the right inputs, the outputs will be aligned with the way you want to live – happy, healthy, and thriving. 

Your body is designed to feel amazing, so let it! 

For more information on ALTR Therapy at pH Clinic head to our website or click on the link below. https://phclinic.com.au/altr-therapies/

pHClinic Team

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