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Could poor breathing be effecting your Iron levels?

Do you struggle with having low iron levels, even after supplementation and iron infusions? One of the many contributing factors could be the way that you breathe. We breathe 30,000 times a day and as a species, the majority of humans are not in fact breathing correctly.  There will be

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Quick Q’s with the Team at pH

What does Christmas is Australia mean to you? Chrissy day is usually a morning swim and coffee with Nicko and Scotti, a huge lunch with every trimming and Christmas dish you can think of including ham, turkey AND seafood at my parents house in North Manly. Leftovers last for weeks

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Do You Have Food Intolerances?

In today’s society, everyone has a friend or family member with a dairy, gluten, soy, nut or wheat intolerance. With food intolerance on the rise, I am frequently testing for food intolerances in my patients. This is mainly due to the fact that food intolerances play a major role in

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6 Incredible Benefits of Infrared Sauna

When you picture a sauna, is your first thought of a small, steamy and suffocating room? Take these prior expectations of a sauna, and instead replace them with this: Comfortable wooden bench, a gentle warmth that heats you from the inside out, a comfortable and breathable atmosphere and the feeling

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