Could poor breathing be effecting your Iron levels?

Do you struggle with having low iron levels, even after supplementation and iron infusions? One of the many contributing factors could be the way that you breathe.

We breathe 30,000 times a day and as a species, the majority of humans are not in fact breathing correctly. 

There will be too much Oxygen (O2) and not enough Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in your bloodstream. This results in High (O2), and low CO2 in the blood.
Meaning Oxygen will stay attached and won’t be released into muscles and organs. 
This blocks iron from also being released and being absorbed into the muscles, organs and tissues. 

There needs to be a healthy ratio of CO2 and Oxygen in the blood stream for any substance e.g oxygen and iron, to be released from blood and absorbed into the necessary places. 

Even if there is a high concentration of iron in the blood stream. Your blood has too much oxygen in it from poor breathing practices and won’t allow the iron to release out of the blood, and be absorbed and used in the areas of need.

This is one of the possible reasons that you might be struggling to increase your iron levels even after infusion and supplementation. 

Tips and tricks:

 1.) Get assessed by a holistic practitioner (ALTR) 

2.) Get your diaphragm released and then activated. Breathing from the diaphragm regulates the rate and type of breath you take keeping the levels of O2 and Co2 in balance

3.) This allows iron to be absorbed at the same time O2 is 

4.) Practice holding your breath (don’t push it too hard) 

Breath easy, DR. Harrison 

pHClinic Team

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