The Emotional Side of Unmet Expectations

The Emotional Side of Unmet Expectations How to deal with disappointment, frustration and expectations hangover of our new reality. No one could predict the reality we are living in right now. Life as we knew it has been put on hold and in some ways probably will never be the

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Do you recognise the real levels of your internal stress and its causes? One of the questions on our New Client Intake Form is asking to rate your stress levels on the scale of ten. Surprisingly lots of people will give 2-3 out of 10 justifying it as that they don’t

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Our Community – Meet Isabella

Isabella Isabella grew up in a small town near Sao Paulo in Brazil. She studied and practised as a Physiotherapist working in a nursing home. She enjoyed working with the people however wanted something more Orthopaedic. In 2016 Isabella moved to Australia with her partner Igor. They had planned to

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Our Community – Meet Natalia

Russia Natalia was born bred in Barnaul in Russia (South of Siberia). She was brought up in a traditional family where there was a huge emphasis on being perfect and looking good. It’s just a part of the culture. Expressions like “what will the neighbours think”, “why can’t you be

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How to Balance your Energy this Winter.

Winter is the time of rest and retreat, stillness and quiet. It is a usual cycle that allows the nature and all living beings to slow down and rejuvenate. However, with Covid lockdown it feels like we went into hibernation for an extra three months. The isolation, distancing, stagnation, loneliness,

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anxious tips

A Letter To The Friend Of Someone Anxious…

Anxiety can come in many shapes and sizes and can be triggered at any point in time, sometimes for no apparent reason and at other times the reason may be very obvious. Anxiety is feeling intensely nervous and unsafe for long periods of time when the truth is, you are

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Do You Have Food Intolerances?

In today’s society, everyone has a friend or family member with a dairy, gluten, soy, nut or wheat intolerance. With food intolerance on the rise, I am frequently testing for food intolerances in my patients. This is mainly due to the fact that food intolerances play a major role in

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How Kinesiology Helped Me Diffuse Stress

Western medicine is too often our ‘go-to’ or start point when we have a physical ailment. And too often it’s also our end point – as we treat our symptoms with drugs. We visit the doctor, pop to the pharmacy and use Google to seek advice from the world of

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