Red Light Therapy

The antidote to a blue light world

Red Light Therapy

Light, in all its forms, is essential for our health. All living things have been designed to function with the assistance of natural sunlight. As time has gone on, contemporary lifestyles mean we are seeing less and less essential sunlight. On average, we spend over 90% of our day indoors – depriving our bodies of the natural light they require for optimal health. This is further exacerbated  by our exposure to screens, with harmful blue light altering our bodies sleep cycles. Red light acts as a supplement for the sunlight you are missing out on, with powerful healing benefits for increased wellbeing.

Red light therapy is an incredible tool of healing, delivering light at 600nm. This is absorbed by our cells and surface tissues, stimulating the skin layer and invigorating the body. Concentrated red light waves stimulate Mitochondria, being the batteries of our cells, recharging our cells in order to enhance our wellbeing in an array of ways.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy may assist with the following:

How we work

Here at the pH Clinic we believe Colonics are one of the most important treatment modalities for a multitude of health problems. Colon Hydrotherapy is also a fantastic health-promoting tool to expedite your cellular health and organ function.

Disease begins in the gut, if you neglect your Colon then expect uninvited pathogens, parasites and yeasts to wreak havoc and imbalance your intestinal flora. Your comfort and safety is our foremost priority so rest-assure your initial consult will cover off all your inquiries and we will walk you through the entire process.

We use a closed system medical grade Colonics device which we have imported from Germany. With a practitioner operating the device the entire time, your treatment is customised to your needs and comfort. The water pressure is incredibly gentle (0.5psi) but still very effective ensuring you get the most out of your session. All our disposable materials (tubing and speculums) are hospital grade TGA approved plastics – hygiene is something we take very seriously. You’re covered with a towel the entire time so your dignity is kept in tact and abdominal massage with natural oils is used to encourage the body’s natural elimination.


Hydrate the days prior for optimal results and refrain from eating at least two hours before your scheduled appointment. 2-3L per day of good quality water is a good guide.

Eat healthily (consult our Practitioners if you need assistance with this)

For best results, prepare a diet three days prior of fresh vegetables, soups, bone broths and avoid processed food, coffee, alcohol and refined sugar where possible.

Breathe and relax

Try not to arrive to your appointment stressed or anxious. The digestive system is directly linked to your nervous system so the less stressed you are the more effective your treatment will be.

Got gas?

If you are prone to bloating and flatulence, take some Activated Charcoal upon rising the day of your Colonic or a couple of days leading up to your treatment ­ this will reduce the gas build up and draw toxicity out. We sell this product in the clinic if you so require.

Drink up

Drink plenty of filtered water, vegetable based juices, soups, bone broths and avoid processed food, coffee, alcohol and refined sugar where possible.


If your lifestyle allows you; eat pureed food for 24 hours after each session (blended soups, bone broths and cooked pureed apple with cinnamon are recommended).


Digestion starts in the mouth, make sure you are taking the time to chew and really enjoy your food, even if it is liquids.

Tune in

Listen to your body! When you return to eating normally ensure you are only fuelling your body with nutrient dense, digestible, fresh, whole foods. If your body has an adverse reaction to a food, chances are it didn’t want/need it at that time. Eat intuitively, not reactively/emotionally/impulsively.

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Red Light Therapy Pricing

We have package options incorporating other therapies, contact us for package options.

1 Red Light session


Add on to another treatment


5 pack

Valid for 2 months


10 pack

Valid for 4 months


20 pack

Valid for 6 months


50 pack

Valid for 12 months


pH Clinic Red Light Therapy Testimonials

"I have been using joovv (red light therapy) for the last eight weeks. My skin has become much clearer and am seeing less wrinkles."

Brooke E.

"I am really liking using the Joovv (red light therapy). It is helping my skin and all round healing. I am working on my sleep and recovery from a few injuries and well as an Auto immune issue. Highly recommend."

Wendy M.

"I have been having the Red Light Therapy at PH Clinic for the last 4 weeks. I have noticed a remarkable difference in my skin, my overall well being and reduction of pain in my hip where I have a strained Piriformis muscle. I cannot recommend this place highly enough. In addition the staff at PH Clinic are exceptional with a broad range of services which I also take advantage of ranging from Colonics through to a top shelf manual therapy."

Marie G.

Red Light Therapy FAQs

There’s no such thing as a silly question, especially when your health is concerned. Here are some of our red light therapy FAQs. For any other advice on love, life and colonics drop us a line.

Red light waves target our skin cells and tissues, improving cellular health to achieve enhanced well-being. At a surface level, light absorption is crucial for the reproduction of skin cells. Absorbing red light enhances cellular respiration and turnover, allowing skin to become more balanced and invigorated. This works to enhance collagen synthesis, allowing our skin barrier to heal acne scarring and sun damage.

Enhanced Circulation

Red light stimulates the improvement of circulation. This increase in blood flow is the result of tissues receiving more oxygen through the process of mitochondrial oxidation, allowing the body to release toxins and absorb nutrients at an optimised rate. Increased circulation also improves overall energy production and mobility.

Sleep Optimisation

The bodies circadian cycle is the internal process that controls the sleep-wake rhythm of our bodies, determining our quality of sleep. Our absorption of light allows our brain to interpret when we sleep and wake, and consequently our melatonin levels. Harmful blue lights from screens can disrupt our circadian cycle. Red light therapy combats this absorption of blue light, promoting a deep and restful sleep. 


When our bodies become inflamed, we struggle to heal from illness and injury. Red light absorption promotes enhanced cellular health, reducing inflammation in our tissues and muscles. As a result, our muscle cells are tearing and repairing at an increased speed, reducing recovery time and discomfort.

Mental Wellbeing

Red light therapy is an effective measure of combatting seasonal affective disorder, improving anxiety and easing depression. Red light works to increase our serotonin levels, promoting a balance in mood.

Hormone Balance and Cellulite Reduction

Red light therapy works to increase the secretion of hormones in hypothyroidism, decreasing the inflammation of our thyroid. This reduction in inflammation ensures our hormones are effectively balanced, promoting lymphatic drainage and the appearance of cellulite.

There is no risk of burning your skin as red light therapy does not use any UV rays unlike tanning beds and booths. The heat used is very low and it is extremely safe to use on all skin types.

A session is 20 mins in duration (10 mins on each side of the body)

Less is more when it comes to red light therapy, the more surface area you are exposing to the light the more your skin can absorb its effects and therefore more benefit you will have. Underwear or swimmers is appropriate but you can be nude in the red light room.

Yes, eye protection should be used when NIR mode is active including Recovery+ Mode. Do not stare directly into the LEDs. The beam window covers the full front surface area of the device. If your eyes are more sensitive to light or if you take medications that have a history of causing photosensitivity, we recommend that you consult your physician before treating with a Joovv device.

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