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My Breath Work & Ice Bath Experience

Hi! My name is Talia and I am the latest addition to the pH Clinic team as the full time Clinic Co-ordinator. I am so excited to be part of the pH family. I have been a long time health enthusiast dabbling in mindfulness/meditation, yoga, essential oils and crystals, homeopathy,

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Do you recognise the real levels of your internal stress and its causes? One of the questions on our New Client Intake Form is asking to rate your stress levels on the scale of ten. Surprisingly lots of people will give 2-3 out of 10 justifying it as that they don’t

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How to Manage Stress in 2021

Do you feel mentally exhausted? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the daily grind? Under pressure to support your family during this pandemic? Are your kids running circles around you? Do you reach for that 3pm chocolate fix? Or for your third cup of coffee for the day? Or a bottle

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Quick Q’s with the Team at pH

What does Christmas is Australia mean to you? Chrissy day is usually a morning swim and coffee with Nicko and Scotti, a huge lunch with every trimming and Christmas dish you can think of including ham, turkey AND seafood at my parents house in North Manly. Leftovers last for weeks

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CONSTIPATION- everything you need to know

Constipation can be more than just a ‘pain in the bum’- it can be a chronic and severe problem. It is the name we give for difficult and infrequent stool passage with symptoms of straining, a sense of incomplete evacuation, hard/ lumpy stools or a prolonged time to pass a

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How to Balance your Energy this Winter.

Winter is the time of rest and retreat, stillness and quiet. It is a usual cycle that allows the nature and all living beings to slow down and rejuvenate. However, with Covid lockdown it feels like we went into hibernation for an extra three months. The isolation, distancing, stagnation, loneliness,

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Our Community – Meet Nicola

We are lucky enough to have an incredible tribe surrounding us at the clinic. Staff, clients, friends and family all with SO many inspiring stories to share.  This is Nicola (aka Boss lady) Nicola created this tribe – literally, and of course has her own very empowering health journey to

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Effective Remedies for Addiction Treatment

When you have a psychological and physical urge to take a substance or engage in an activity that causes you mental, physical, or emotional harm, you have an addiction. Addiction is a chronic, progressive disease. It has several causes including genetics, trauma, family history, social pressure, mental disorders, and behavior.

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How to Stay Motivated to Exercise in Autumn

Lacking motivation to exercise in the cooler months? We are certainly starting to see dark mornings and less light, which means we are faced with the temptation to roll over and hit that snooze button! Trust me we are all guilty of that! Here are my top tips for keeping

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Moving into Autumn with a Fresh Body and Mind

In Autumn, as the days get shorter and the weather cooler, we prepare our bodies for the change ahead of us. In yoga it is the time for gathering and consolidating energy. Nature is slowing down after a productive Summer to shed its leaves to nourish the ground and restore

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