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We are lucky enough to have an incredible tribe surrounding us at the clinic. Staff, clients, friends and family all with SO many inspiring stories to share. 

This is Nicola (aka Boss lady) Nicola created this tribe – literally, and of course has her own very empowering health journey to share.

A Bit of Background…

My health journey began when I was a child, I had bad eczema and was on steroid creams from a very young age to control it but it never fixed anything. As a teenager I suffered from adolescent acne (not cystic, but enough to really effect my self confidence) my Mum took me to a dermatologist and I was put on Roaccutane and the contraceptive pill in attempt to fix my skin. I was so excited to finally have a “solution” to my issues but it was actually just the beginning of more. Roaccutane controlled the acne while I was on the medication but when I stopped them it just came back, so the answer was to keep me on them…. I wish I’d seen that as a red flag but I was so trusting of the professionals that were trained doctors and specialists so I just did what they said…

My gut had always been on the sluggish side growing up, struggling with regular bowel movements and feeling bloated was a recurring issue for me. Constipation ran in my family so it was always just tolerated. Gut dysfunction wasn’t an area of interest back in the 90’s so I was only made aware of laxatives which didn’t seem to work for very long. It began to worsen and at the time I didn’t draw any correlation with my gut issues/skin issues to the overuse of steroids and medication.

Mum took me to a gastroenterologist and I was put on Metamucil. I remember thinking “are you f#*king serious! As if we haven’t tried Metamucil”. When we told them the extent of my issues and that I would go weeks without a bowel movement and laxatives had not effect, the recommendation was to shorten the transit time between the small intestines and large intestines by removing part of my intestines. Thank god my mother said “absolutely not” and we went down an alternative route. I was just another number in the system and every doctor and specialist I went too didn’t look beyond the symptoms.

“…Looking back now and knowing what I know, I cannot believe that that option was offered to a 15 year old girl who had no other pathology (not that they investigated) as a solution to constipation…”

What Next…

I started having colonics after hearing about them from a customer at a Cafe which I worked at at the time. It was such a scary and intimidating process but it was the key to help my system to get things moving. I had many colonics over a period of time and every session was a roller coaster ride of physical and emotional releases. I had a lot of psychological blockages which was manifesting as physical blockages in my bowel. It was amazing to experience the process of undoing and detoxification.

I become fascinated in health and what caused disease and along that path found yoga and meditation. I became a yoga teacher and health enthusiast, I went on to study Colonic Hydrotherapy, Gut and Psychology and other Nutritional teachings. The Colonic Hydrotherapy industry didn’t have the best reputation, with medical doctors generally in disagreement with its practices and a few poorly regarded clinics tainting the methods… I was on a mission to turn this around!

The Birth of pH Clinic – (Baby #1)

I opened pH Clinic in 2015 as I felt there was a gaping hole in our “health care system” I was too young and inexperienced to tackle this from the top so I started at the bottom (literally). I wanted the community to have an alternative place to come to receive therapies that assist the body in functioning at its best.

You’d be surprised the response I got from people when I opened the clinic. I was 25 years old and Colonic Hydrotherapy wasn’t exactly well known or sought after. I am constantly amazed at the outcomes that our therapies have contributed to, from people recovering from autoimmune conditions to skin issues, mental health imbalances, gut dysfunction and so much more. We are a small clinic but have so many passionate and talented practitioners who are here to listen and guide people to a healthier lifestyle and I couldn’t be more proud of what we have created. To be a thriving small business, while bettering peoples health daily and giving our community the space to be heard.

Fast Forward

I have continued my health crusade and have never stopped the betterment of my own health. The way I eat, live and choices I make everyday all stem from a place of health. My gut is the best it’s ever been, I go to the toilet daily and I eat a balance of everything. I have alternative therapies to thank for a lot of my progress and have not been to a doctor in years. I now have a 1 year old daughter of my own and follow the same principles to give her the best start to life.

I have doctors in my family, I am not against medicine, it has its place but I believe we are too trusting and quick to jump at what is said to be the “solution” to an issue. The human body is such a complex and clever system, symptoms are the body telling you about an area or deeper issue that needs attention.

“There are no quick fixes or magic pills. We must honour the healing process and also be more proactive with how we live to ensure our body is getting what it needs to continue to function optimally”

pHClinic Team

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