My Breath Work & Ice Bath Experience

Hi! My name is Talia and I am the latest addition to the pH Clinic team as the full time Clinic Co-ordinator. I am so excited to be part of the pH family. I have been a long time health enthusiast dabbling in mindfulness/meditation, yoga, essential oils and crystals, homeopathy, personal development and am also a qualified meditation teacher. I really enjoy surrounding myself with like-minded individuals, and am so passionate about helping people to explore the things that will help them to grow and evolve and to live their best lives. Working in a place like pH Clinic you can understand that personal growth and health/wellbeing is part of the team culture (lucky us!) and our beautiful owners Nicola and Nick were so gracious in creating an opportunity recently for the team to come together, connect and have some fun along the way!

A few weeks ago I had the honour and privilege of participating in a team-building afternoon of breath work and ice baths with my new pH Clinic family. It was led by one of the most amazing human beings I have ever met – Benny Berry from Sol House Studios who is a qualified Wim Hof breath work instructor and ice bath facilitator. Benny has had his own profound healing journey with these powerful tools, and I immediately felt at ease and equally excited at the same time as he welcomed us into the space. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I was feeling a bit nervous at the thought of plunging into a freezing cold bath full of ice (52 bags to be exact), but was quickly reassured that the breath work was going to prime our bodies for the cold plunge. The breath work was so powerful and took me to another place entirely out of this world – an experience also shared by my fellow teammates.

Cold exposure and breath work is a powerful way to reduce pain and really bring you back into your body. It left me feeling so at ease and transformed! At this point I was feeling pretty content and also not really like I wanted to step into the cold bath.  It was completely my choice and I decide just to go for it!

We got to go in to the bath in pairs, which was so powerful, and many bonds were made in those 2-3 minutes. I could feel my heart racing as I stepped up to the edge of the bath. My buddy was also a little nervous but we were determined to get this done together. 

As soon as I stepped in it hit me – intense strong feeling of cold, colder than I had ever felt before. My breath was quick and my mind was racing with all kinds of thoughts from “Get me out of here” to “I can’t do this” to “What am I doing?” Benny had reminded us to connect with our breath and that our body would regulate to the cold quite quickly. He was right. I found this deep place of strength and resilience I never knew was there. I completely surprised myself and allowed the feelings of discomfort instead of resisting them and then the magic just happened.

I became calm, still, peaceful. My breath was slow and steady and oddly enough my body felt warm!? How could this be? Then before I knew it 2 mins was up…. yet I stayed…for 3 minutes an absolute triumph and personal moment of celebration and joy I will never forget. 

It’s true what they say about everything you could ever want is on the other side of your comfort zone! If you have ever wondered about ice baths or breath work I would absolutely recommend it to anyone! Find a community or group who will support you and cheer you on, it definitely helps. Alternatively, come up to the clinic where we can facilitate you through our cryotherapy experience where you get cold for up to 3 mins at temperatures as low as -150 degrees celsius. It will change your life! Big thanks again to Nicola and Nick for providing us with this most amazing experience. 

Yours in Health & Happiness,


pHClinic Team

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