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By Master Chiropractor and ALTR Practitioner Nick Dawe

People are tired, and perhaps wary also, of a list of benefits for a product or service. The real question someone could ask themselves is… Why don’t I surround myself with nourishment and good feelings all the time? Why do I settle for sub par energy, quick un-gratifying stimulants/relaxants or cheap entertainment, poor sleep, a perception of having no time for ourselves and lower than joyous moods? Plenty of diverse implications from these questions – they’re not to cause discomfort, only to prompt reflection. You totally can feel good and also feel good about feeling good and behaving kindly to yourself.

As a general comment, most of the time people fall into this cycle is because they have tried to improve their overall feeling in the past and it hasn’t worked or held for long if it did, cost them heaps of energy, made it difficult to integrate into their lives (like strict eating practices and dining out with friends for example), or wasn’t sustainable for other reasons (time, money, inability to feel worthy of receiving for extended periods of time etc).

Another generalisation is that often the solutions revolve around food, exercise and abstaining from things (like coffee or alcohol for a month). These things are low level creditors. They have an impact when done with grace, nuance and from a nourishing standpoint (not a forceful place resulting in guilt when not achieved, expectations pressure and a constant supply of “shoulds”) but still come fairly low down the pecking order in terms of power and integration ease (how easy it is to add to your flow without disruption to the rest of your life).

Time to reflect on the above questions, drop the low level creditors and gently step into a deeper, simpler health practice. 

Biophysics is the branch of science trying to understand and explain how the basics of health works in our modern language. Low and behold, time honoured basics are at the head of any well considered healthy being. It’s maybe not everyone’s cup of tea to dive deeply into this space so we built our home at pH to house it all for your nourishment and enjoyment…simply. 

Practitioners are for the outliers. Your own practices can easily make up the bulk of your needs and will go a long way to ensuring you’re living in your awesomeness. Try giving your body and mind the nourishment it wants regularly and thoughtfully for a while and see what happens.

Red Light increases blood oxygen, blood flow to the brain, increases ATP (energy of velour function) and promotes neurogenesis (repair of underperforming parts of your brain) (Hamblin), invigorates most of your endocrine system (stiles, kruse, ott) and only requires 20 mins of your time a few times per week. 

Cryotherapy restarts your fluid mechanics in your body (lymph, joint fluid, cerebrospinal fluid – important for every biological function to flow easily) and your blood. Do this before your red light for a 25 minute deep physiological reset.

Sauna 4 times per week reduces “all cause mortality” by 48% and cardiac death by 63% in a recent publication in JAMA. Take cherry picked facts with a grain of salt please but don’t overlook the enormous weight of evidence (current and old) to support what a sauna can do for you – physiologically and in terms of a “stacked” practice for your mind (getting multiple levels of benefit from the one investment in time). At pH we recommend 3 times per week for optimal return of investment (unless you’re doing our specific and curated, practitioner lead Niacin detox protocol)

Take control of your water! Read our website for elaboration.

Get some sun, try to honour yourself with your food and your sleep and move as best as you can regularly. Simple and yet so meaningful.

Get your biophysics flow started with: 2 x Cryo, 2 x Red Light, 2 Sauna sessions per week. Try this for a month and see how you feel and sleep, then watch how easy it becomes to build on the practices that support deep health while living in our exciting and stimulating modern city life.  BOOK NOW

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