BioTra Retreat with Nick Dawe and Nathan Siles

Join us to usher in a novel and powerful system of Health: BioTra.

The first system to formally address the challenging biophysics landscape of modern living SIMULTANEOUSLY integrating with your physical training regimen.

We believe It’s the most well rounded approach to movement currently available that maintains it’s suitability to all levels from novice explorers of movement to highly trained, high performance athletes looking for a few percent gains!

It will provide you with the most exciting movement diagnostic system available at the moment (aspects of the Oov methodology- with permission from Oov education) breaking down walls between practitioners/trainers/teachers and patient/patron/student. The system is also the first attempt at a unified method of movement training encompassing the most subtle elements of the human capabilities all the way to the most bold expressions of training and performing.

It aims to rekindle your love of life, nature, movement and health and your inextricable connection to and involvement with these things.

The BioTra method is a system designed as a complete practice for your physical, mechanochemical and chemical needs to thrive – and will also act as an educational lever due to the intelligent integration of complex biophysics strategies woven throughout the entire methodology. It is first and foremost a deeply nourishing experience – and then continues to give as much as you wish to digest, integrate and share after that.

We will step you through the core aspects of the program, the reasons for their selection and touch on other modular potentials for your ongoing stimulation and as a way of honouring existing knowledge/practices’ compatibility with this system. Of course, you can add your own flavour to any and all parts – it’s meant to be fun after all! 

This is the launch of a new concept so the invitation list is restricted to practitioners and extremely advanced students. The reason is two fold:

  1. We want and invite serious discussion from the floor – we are not here on this earth to tell people what to do but rather share and refine until a system is absolutely inclusive, respectful and seriously efficient for a higher consciousness immersion for the consumers.
  2. We want to share high level information at first to provide insight as to the thought that has framed this system. 2 1/2 days is enough for each and every concept… and we have quite a few to expose you to… so we’re going to go hard to get through the immersion as is – we appreciate the high level of the audience as a way of covering a lot of ground quite quickly. 

This is an immersive experience, not a retreat. Of course, there’ll be much fun and nourishment of all kinds to be had but don’t plan for a deeply restful long weekend! 

When and Where ?

Friday 4th August mid morning until Sunday 6th mid afternoon 

“Evolve Sanctuary” near Uki, Hinterland of Byron Bay. Exact address will be supplied upon confirmation.

*NB you are responsible for arrival and departure

Cost $2.2k-$2.55k (depending on your equipment needs – ie if you have everything already it will be 2.2k, if you require everything it’s $2,614.00) – see below for pricing 

Payment secures your place.


  • Beautiful Retreat setting deep in Nature
  • Private room accomodation on site.
  • All meals supplied and curated for you by Pete Evans
  • Nathan Siles presenting on Biophysics 
  • Nick Dawe presenting on Movement 
  • All basic Equipment supplied for you to take home afterwards (can arrange for transport or pay for baggage on your return flight – it will be well under 20kg): 1x Oov $220, 1x Kettle bell (4-8kg range) tba expected $40-$100 depending on weight (which will be determined by your weight/history of strength work), 1x pair of Club bells (1 or 2kg) $44, 1x Rhythm Rope $50
  • Deep immersion style experience- lots of movement, lots of nature, lots of nourishing discussion and expansion 
  • An exclusive first glance at the BioTra method 

To secure your spot please contact the clinic and we will put you in touch with our event host.

pHClinic Team

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