You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty

Water is critical to the body’s functions as the body is made up of more than 75% water. The remaining 25% is tissue. If we look deeper at the composition of some of the vital organs that are essential to keeping us alive and healthy, they too are majority water:

  • Brain tissues – 85%
  • Lung tissue – 89%
  • Muscles – 75% +
  • Blood 83%
  • Heart tissue 79%
  • Joints and cartilage 83%

But more importantly 2/3 of EVERY SINGLE CELL in your body is made up of water. YOUR BODY IS WATER!

However, all water isn't created equal !

Originally, our natural, clean drinking water was flowing in streams, rivers, groundwater sources and springs. This water in its natural form was perfectly created for our body, meaning it was more bioavailable for our body.

What made this water different?

  • It was clean and free from chemicals and additives
  • It was negatively charged 
  • It was hexagonal in shape (restricted molecularly)
  • It was rich in minerals

When water is restructured molecularly, the body is able to recognise it as water, rather than a foreign object. This means if we looked at this water under a microscope it would be hexagonal and our body would absorb much more of the water you consume and actually hydrate you efficiently rather than discard it.

However, unfortunately in the modern world we live in, we have created the convenience  of turning on a tap or drinking water that is stored in bottles without considering the consequences.

Tap or store bought bottled water is very different from the water our bodies were naturally designed to drink and it is slowly deteriorating our health.

Drinking re-structured, clean water is essential in order to return our bodies back to the natural state of  good health.

Let’s compare the differences:

Re-structured and filtered water 

  • Hexagonal molecular shape (what our body recognises as water)  
  • More bioavailable, hydrating our cells.
  • Promotes optimal health 
  • Negatively charged 
  • Ensures optimal health in every cell of the body
  • Removes all metals, additives and chemicals

Tap water 

  • Pentagonal molecular shape (body recognises as a foreign substance)
  • Leaves our cells dehydrated
  • Causes diseases and illness 
  • Positively charged 
  • Contains fluoride and chlorine 
  • Contains heavy metals from treatment plants and pipes 

These components of restructured water are a necessity for our body to be able to absorb and use the water we drink, hydrating every cell in the body. When this restructured water is absorbed into our cells it turns in to a special phase of water called the FOURTH PHASE or EZ PHASE. This water is very different to the other three phases of water (Solid, Liquid and Gas) and is essential for normal cellular functioning as it makes up 2/3 of every cell. The fourth phase of water is essential for our body to function healthily, regulating everything from hormones to our organs.

If you aren’t drinking re-structured water your health has been deteriorating drastically over a long period of time. No cell can function without this fourth phase of water. The fourth phase of water doesn’t and cannot contain any toxic material.

The 2 Main Components of Restructured Water :

Hexagonally Shaped:

  • The molecular shape of stagnant, dead water (tap/reverse osmosis) water is pentagonal in shape. This shape of water is considered un-structured that doesnt allow the forth phase of water to form and therefore isn’t easily accepted by the body so leaves you de-hydrated.
  • Hexagonally shaped water maintains the cell shape through hydration.
  • It increases cellular communication and removes metabolic waste.
  • It increases fluid transportation around the whole body; assisting in essential functions such as reducing inflammation, and hydrating the skin and joints.

Negatively Charged:

  • There is an abundance of scientific evidence to show that negatively charged water is fundamental.
  • Human cells have a healthy negative charge (-20mV to -50mV). During times of illness or injury cells in that area need to increase their negative change to -50mV to heal naturally.
  • Negatively charged water holds energy (much like a battery). When you drink negatively charged water you are charging every cell in your body with the energy that your body can use to self regulate and to self-heal.
  • Evidence shows that people who are positively charged have a higher tendency to rely on pharmaceutical drugs rather than use natural healing approaches.

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