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It’s springtime and now is the perfect time to cleanse the body. What better place to start than your gut! It’s the place where all health (or disease) begins and grows. 

The state of your health and well-being everywhere in the body can be traced back to the state of your gut. 

When nourishing yourself daily with good nutrition, quality water, deep breathing, cleansing, love and care, you can be sure you’re on your way to feeling good.

Implementing colonics into my own health regime radically changed my life, and it’s from experiencing the benefits that I now love helping others on their health journey. 

Having encountered a range of gut-related issues myself, including cystic adult acne, parasites, bloating, constipation, gas, abdominal discomfort, food intolerances, and the biggest one for me – low mood and irritability – I was pissed off and desperate for answers. Frustrated and embarrassed by my inability to poo, I began spending a lot of time, energy and money into ‘fixing the problem’. I tried supplements, herbs, elimination diets, fasting, going vego, and googling like crazy to find solutions to my gut issues. 

After a drastic triple-antibiotic infusion via colonoscopy still didn’t cut it, I finally took up a friends suggestion to try colonic hydrotherapy. It took a lot of deep breaths and courage to book that first colonic appointment. I can really relate to first-time clients who feel nervous or apprehensive about their first treatment. Its very understandable. Luckily it’s not nearly as scary as it might seem. The treatment quickly turns into a time of relaxation and release. 

After my first colonic, I was sick with what felt like a bad flu. I now know this was my body’s detox response. I had a lifetime of built up toxins in my gut, which got stirred up and needed to be released. This reaction almost turned me off colonics but I went back, finding each session easier on my body. I grew to love my colonic appointments, I’d leave feeling on a glorious natural high having released so much physical and emotional weight. Colonics have been the missing piece of the puzzle in restoring my gut health. These days I can’t wait when the time comes for a colonic, what a treat! It’s a wonderful time of self-care and time-out. Even if there are waves of nausea or cramping during the treatment, I know it will be totally worth it for the positive effects afterwards. 

My clients share my excitement about their sessions, keen to feel lighter, more energised, clear and refreshed. The brain fog lifts, low moods rise, frustration turns to elation and weight is lifted. There’s nothing like a colonic to put a spring in your step. 

By Claire McCarthy

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