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Introducing Jen

Jen had a normal suburban upbringing in Sydney’s North West. She had a happy childhood and was just your average girl. She later went on to work in the corporate world. Previously working as an EA & writer in the media world. It was a stressful job, but rewarding and paid the bills at the time. In her spare time Jen loves to surf, travelling, live music, and the arts in general.

Loss & Spiritual Awakening

Jens Mum tragically passed away in April 2017 of lung cancer. The overwhelming grief set off a bunch of what Jen later learnt was “dislodged energy”.

“Around 3 months after, I got really sick. I suffered back to back migraines, skin rashes, IBS, low iron, brain fog, blurry vision and adrenal fatigue. I had always suffered headaches and saw a neurologist who wasn’t helpful and just reiterated I suffered Hemiplegic headaches”.

With not much help or options, Jen started engaging in a meditation practice, joined forums and did a lot of research trying to gain some guidance and get some help from anyone who was willing to listen. Jen told her story on one of the forums she was on and was guided to Medical Mediums heavy metal detox. The more and more she looked at the symptoms associated with Heavy Metal toxicity, the more she realised it was her to a tee!

“I decided to follow the protocol – not that I had many other options. It was super rough at first and things definitely got harder before they got easier. My neurological health got a lot worse, to the point where I thought I was almost going mad…. I started literally seeing colours around people…. Yes you read that right. This is where things started to get a little wild…but also interesting. I ended up nearly going a whole year without migraines after the protocol, so it was a huge shift and step toward healing.” “Healing is always 3 steps forward and 2 steps back so I knew I still had quite a bit of work ahead of me”.

Jens mediation teacher at the time was doing sound healing and singing throughout their sessions. Jen just thought it was some kind of ancient tribal language. Then she did some private sessions and started to channel different energy and sound vibrations. It was then Jen realised she was more connected to it all than perhaps she even wanted to be but it was too loud to be ignored.

“I decided to try and be as open to it as possible…As I became more open things continued to shift. My dreams got more vivid and intense and the experiences started to become more frequent and profound so I committed to keep learning, being open minded and exploring new concepts  like NLP and EFT. I then went to Sedona which is the mecca for spiritual people and continued to vibrate toward people on healing journeys and healers themselves. It was like a preparation for the chapters to come….

After Jens Mum passed away her and her dad got closer. She learnt a lot about her parents and how he and her Mum were more spiritual than she ever realised.

“ In 2019, my Dad passed away from a heart attack, It was extremely dramatic and traumatic for my brother and I who were both there at the time of his passing. I was in complete shock and couldn’t process what had happened. It all happened so fast. I had just been through an intense year pain clearing working through the trauma after my mums death which was extremely heavy and dense, I had no idea how to go through it all again.

The Healer

After Jens Mum and Dad passed, she had several identical explicable experiences that was all the proof she needed that there’s so much more to life that we see visually.

“As I moved through another profound layer of grief and trauma I cleared another deeper energetic level and more of my gift came on and I am now a practising Energy Healer & Light Language Infuser”. I never chose this. It happened to me. I never in my wildest dreams thought my life would take this turn.”

“It’s a pretty special journey to be on, helping people work through some of their biggest traumas but it can also be a super lonely journey. I have a lot of people around me Accepting and questioning it. Often get apologies from people who were skeptics and then have a session with me or their own experience. I question it myself to be honest and believe its good to have skeptics. I just try to encourage people to explore, be open minded and not judge until it has happened to you or you’ve had an experience of your own.”

Jen started coming to pH Clinic in June to use the infrared sauna to help continue on her journey of ridding her body of heavy metals – (she now knows this is aluminium and lead specifically) to avoid going on meds for her ongoing symptoms (although much milder than before. The sauna has also been super calming and the Chromotherapy is such a nice compliment to the experience. It’s so versatile being able to use as a basic support for weight loss, relaxation etc however there are definitely additional benefits like the deep detox and re aligning physical, mental and spiritual energy. On top of the amazing sauna and all its benefits, it was just so nice to find a place like pH Clinic, where the practises and staff are so openminded…a true progressive clinic. They never judge you for expressing and create and hold an open space that’s so welcoming.

“Anyone on a spiritual journey needs help. As an energy worker you give and give and give and never replenish. Our physical and mental wellbeing can suffer, being a vessel for so much energy translation. Anything we do is an output of energy. We have to really tune into our body and know our body landscape and listen to it and honour it. Holistic practises are so vital as you’re here to serve and help so you need the same back, its like an energy exchange. Most people understand energy. It’s not wooo… Having an outlet of people who are open to help is vital, especially at the moment where the whole world is carrying a lot of energy (mainly fear) at the moment. Were all just doing our best with love and compassion.

pHClinic Team

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