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We are lucky enough to have an incredible tribe surrounding us at the clinic. Staff, clients, friends and family all with SO many inspiring stories to share. 

We had such a great response to last months story, and are super excited to follow up with an empowering story of Susie. Susie visits the clinic for weekly Colonics and lights up the clinic with great chat, lots of laughter and interesting stories. 

Life Before Cancer

“…I was diagnosed with stage 3 Pancreatic cancer in October 2018. 

It all started when I returned back from a holiday in Greece and was getting indigestion after eating (which oddly seemed to be cured by yoghurt & Tumeric). After a few visits to the doctor and a course of Somac and no improvements they decided to book in for an Endoscopy to check for a stomach Ulcer. 

The symptoms then changed, I got pain in my legs, I was seeing stars and several clots and mini strokes were discovered in my legs, lungs and brain. It was all very scary and happened very fast. During the scans a mass was discovered behind my stomach which was soon diagnosed as Pancreatic Cancer. Other than these subtle symptoms I didn’t feel bad. A bit tired but nothing worth taking a Panadol over. It just goes to show your body is so strong and can be going through some crazy things internally with no huge physical symptoms. 

Then The Start Of My New Life Began….

Surgery was scheduled to remove my Pancreas, Spleen, 2/3 of my stomach and 19 lymph nodes. I have since been undergoing chemotherapy intermittently with regular monitoring. 

Pancreatic Cancer is one of the most deadly Cancers around with an extremely low survival rate beyond 12 months and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. 

Susie Today 

For the first time since diagnosis Susie has seen tumours stop growing with no new growth as well as Lymphatic tumours disappearing. After a planned holiday to Italy and no chemotherapy for 4 weeks, Susie’s tumour markers had declined. 

Susie’s incredible mindset, daily healthy rituals, combined with an army of support (both professional and personal) is what she believes to have contributed to her current health.

It really is the small things collectively. Making sure you do them, all, well and often.

Susie’s Army of support consists of: 

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Oncologist
  • Surgeon
  • Microbiologist
  • Life Coach
  • Psychologist/Sound Healer
  • Colonic Hydrotherapist
  • Massage Therapist

And routine healthy rituals include: 

  • Yoga
  • Juicing
  • Eating Whole, healthy food
  • Chlorophyll
  • Supplements – Pre and Probiotics, Vitamin C,D etc……
  • Daily gratitude

“…What sets Susie apart is her positive, can do attitude. She is open and puts in the hard work to do everything she can to complement her treatment and help to strengthen her body and keep her as healthy as possible. Susie comes into pH clinic weekly to help rid her body of the huge amount of toxins within Chemotherapy. After receiving some positive results a few weeks back, Susie mentioned that her regular Colonics definitely played a part in her improved results. To think that what we do here plays such a pivotal role within peoples healing journey and lives is so special.” 

“…It’s interesting as Susie’s Colonics have truly reflected her health at each appointment. As her health has improved so have her Colonics, clearing her of the nasty toxins and making space for the good – Sam (Colonic Hydrotherapist)….” 

“No one is ever out of the woods – me included. But for now, it is what it is and it’s going extremely well.” – Susie 

pHClinic Team

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