Protect Your Health – Choose Glass, Ditch Plastic

This month the major Australian supermarkets have finally banned single use plastic bags. A welcomed move given that our use of plastic bags is so alarming. Australians throw away over 7,000 every minute. That’s over 400,000 plastic bags every hour and over 10 million every day! We are so glad to see the supermarkets lead the way with a move in the right direction.

Here Laura Porter, pH Clinic team member and all round health & wellness enthusiast, is inspiring you to ditch more than plastic bags – with her top reasons to banish your life of plastic food storage solutions. It’s a decision that’s good for your health as well as the environment.

The dangers of plastic food storage

Do you have a cupboard that’s bursting with plastic containers? Is cling wrap one of your most valued kitchen items? Does your shopping list always include a box of those handy plastic sandwich/freezer bags? Is a plastic water bottle your gym or yoga buddy?

If you answered yes then you’re allowing plastic to pose a risk to your health. Like many of us you’re likely using plastic as a convenient storage option for lunches, leftovers, snacks and more. Perhaps until now you haven’t given it a second thought.

‘BPA free’ isn’t enough

I know I was once a plastic fan in the kitchen. I stored everything food wise in plastic containers and assumed the label ‘BPA free’ was enough to ensure I was looking out for my health. But the potentially dangerous chemicals lurking in plastic go way beyond BPA. There’s a whole raft of other possible toxins in plastic – the risks of which are not yet fully understood.

That’s why a few years ago I banished plastic food storage from my life, replacing everything with glass alternatives. I’m a glass convert and here I’m sharing some of the benefits of glass over plastic. Protecting your health is top of the list – but there are so many reasons to go ‘pro glass’ and ‘anti plastic’.

5 reasons to ditch plastic

Protect your health – plastic can transmit harmful chemicals into food (especially when hot food is added to plastic or when food is microwave heated in plastic). Glass is safe, plastic isn’t – it’s that simple.

Protect the environment – as much as 80% of glass is recyclable, so it’s better for the environment. Plastic by contrast too often ends up in landfill.

Easy cleaning – glass isn’t porous and so, unlike plastic, glass containers and bowls won’t stain or absorb food particles and germs. I’m sure a few of those plastic items in your kitchen are in the stained camp.

Keep smells at bay – a common problem with plastic is that it absorbs the scent of food, so it doesn’t stay smell free for long. You can almost smell what was stored last. Glass by contrast stays odour free.

Re-heat leftovers easily – glass is oven proof to high temperatures, so you can, for example, re-heat leftovers easily. Plastic of course doesn’t offer this convenience. And if this isn’t enough to convince you there’s more:

  • Lifespan – glass containers and bowls will last for years, plastic never seems to last for long.
  • Washing – glass is always safe to wash in the dishwasher.
  • Versatility – glass can go from fridge, to oven and straight to the dining table.
  • Savings – glass is more cost effective, because it doesn’t need to be replaced frequently.
  • Attractiveness – glass just looks and feels so much better than plastic.

Hopefully by now you’re already thinking about your first move to rid your kitchen of plastic storage solutions!Laura is a member of the pH Clinic team who loves to share all things food and health related on her Feast Wisely blog

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