Have you Heard about Coffee Enemas?

Coffee Enemas

An age-old tradition, coffee enemas are not a new thing they have been around and well documented for a long time. As early as WW1, nurses used the surgeon’s coffee pre surgery and recorded a reduction in pain so continued administering.

An enema is performed with the main purpose of supporting detoxification by gently cleansing the colon and stimulating the liver to dump bile. Our liver is the main organ which filters toxins from the body. The bile transports the toxins from the liver to the colon so that they eliminated as waste by our bodies.

An enema supports the process.

On average our blood goes through our liver every 6 minutes to be detoxified, when using coffee that time is shortened to every 3 minutes which acts like a purification dialysis cleaning the process of the blood.

Coffee contains Palmitic acid which is high in glutathione (a powerful antioxidant which our body needs for our liver to detoxify), this stimulates veins going up to the liver and starts dilation of the gallbladder to dump and excrete toxins.

The process activates liver and gallbladder to help detoxify especially if unwell, toxic or chemical exposure.

When doing a coffee enema make sure to hold for 15 minutes so that the haemorrhoidal veins in the descending colon dump into the portal system via the hepatic portal vein. The coffee uses the hepatic portal vein as a direct connection to the liver. The choleretics present in coffee causes the liver and bile duct system to release bile into the colon and increase the bile flow. This allows your body to use the bile flow to get rid of toxins.

Benefits of Coffee Enemas

  • Cleans the colon. Eliminates toxins
  • Helps lymphatics – the lymphatic system cleans out viruses and toxins so the coffee enemas support this
  • Improves energy
  • Mental clarity
  • Reduces bloating and gas
  • Liver cleansing
  • Removal of parasites and toxins
  • Reduction in everyday aches and pains
  • Clearer skin
  • Purify blood

What if l don’t like coffee or don’t drink it?

When used as an enema rarely is it absorbed into the bloodstream.

That jittery feeling can come when large amount of toxins are being released from the liver, to much for the body to eliminate at once so they can be absorbed & reabsorbed into the bloodstream. If that is happening you can take some activated charcoal or chlorella before the treatment so they can mop the toxins up to prevent it from happening. 


  • Organic coffee – make sure its mould free, medium to dark brown, not oily, ground coffee. Keep it in the fridge!
  • Generally good from south America, single origin, fair trade, some companies test for mould… I recommend Woolworths Macro and ALDI
  • Add 2 tablespoons of coffee to 3 cups of filtered water boil then simmer for 20 minutes.
  • Allow to cool, strain and retain liquid.
  • Set up enema kit on bathroom bench top of hand from shower screen or hook.
  • Make sure enema value is closed then pour in coffee liquid.
  • Use lubricant around anus or on tip of enema and insert tube into rectum 2cm.
  • Open value to start the flow until bag/pot is empty aim to hold onto coffee for 15/30mins… remove tube.
  • Activate pelvic floor muscles.
  • Relax, calm breathing.

Please note *If constipated preform water enema before hand!

How often?

This is really case by case.

If you have had a past of excessively drinking sugary or carbs you could do 2 a day for about a month then drop back. 

Listen to your body!

As health improves you could maintain by doing once a week, once again listen to your body.

As compaction clears and you have less build up and less toxins, you can hold on for longer and the sphincter will becomes stronger.

Not recommended for really dehydrated people, kidney problems

Not for pregnant women! Or very young children

Not for any one on blood thinners.

pHClinic Team

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