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I’m always amazed when I recommend really simple lifestyle changes for people, they often have the most profound effects. I feel like over the years we have forgotten how to live properly, living in the technological age and having an abundance of information at our fingertips, we have strayed from the simple foundations in which we need to live in order to thrive. The tips I am going to recommend are nothing new, but without them you will gradually notice a deterioration with your health. Nail these 10 pillars and watch your life change for the better. 

  • WATER – it’s something that is so simple yet something so many miss the mark on. Both quality and quantity matter! Tap water is NOT OKAY! It’s full of chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, bacteria and other foreign chemicals in which our body does not recognise as a hydrating source. Get yourself a good quality water filter and drink 2 – 4 litres of water per day (quantity varies depending on your size/output/other lifestyle habits) I use and recommend the Enagic water filters – they allow you to customise the pH of your water so you are getting more than just drinking water. As an entry level filter I recommend the Southern Cross (Fluoride Plus) water filters. For more info on either of these, email Nic here.
  • SLEEP – we need to be getting quality sleep each night. 8 hours is a base and your energetic clock reactivates at 10pm so it is important to be asleep well and truely before this occurs. 8:30pm to bed, asleep by 9pm. Instilling good sleep prep is imperative, getting off screens 2 hours prior to bed or using blue light blocking glasses is recommended so that your eyes and brain are protected from the artificial light of ceiling lights as well as screen lights (tv, phone and computers). Unwinding in front of the tele is okay but get yourself some BLB glasses – we sell these at the clinic for $39 if you need a pair – you too can look as cool as me after dark 🙂
  • BREATHE – How many breaths do you think you take per day? 20,000 !!! Crazy huh, and as it’s a process we do unconsciously we only ever think about it if something is wrong, e.g. feeling anxious, shortness or restriction of breath. Take some time to breathe consciously, notice where your breathe goes to in your body? Try and breathe deep into your diaphragm not just into your chest and shoulders. Adopting a breath practice is something that helps keep me conscious of my breathing and quality of breath. Here is a little breath work practise I like to do. 
  • SUNSHINE – We get Vitamin D from the sun. Vitamin D is imperative for so many functions in the body yet majority of Australians are deficient and will continue to be at the end of Summer. Our UV protection campaigns are so effective we are now sun scared, not sun safe. The sun is not something to be feared, it is something to be celebrated. It is the single biggest life force on this planet and we get so many incredible benefits from sun exposure. Uninterrupted, (without sunglasses or sunscreen) early morning sun exposure on the skin and in the eyes is so important for dopamine production as well as a plethora of other processes in the body (ill save all that for another post) and we should all be aiming for at least 1 hour of sun exposure every day. Obviously we want to avoid long days in the sun and middle of the day intense sun but mornings and afternoons are absolutely safe and recommended. If you are new to sun exposure or you have very fair skin, start with 15 mins and gradually build yourself up to 1 hour per day.
  • HOT – sweating is the way in which the body cools itself down when it gets hot. When we are hot a lot of magic happens on a cellular level and it is extremely therapeutic on many levels. My favourite ways to get hot are via exercise or Infrared Sauna. The skin is our largest organ, when we sweat we also allow toxins trapped in subcutaneous skin to be excreted. A beautiful and healthy practise I believe we should all strive for daily!
  • COLD – Cryotherapy and Ice baths are something that I’ve been experimenting with for a few years now. They are amazing at what they do for the body including reducing inflammation, stimulating weight loss, improving immune response and optimising brain function – there have even been studies on the application of cold therapy for Dementia as it repairs damaged brain synapses. Amazing huh! The only downside is that you have to get cold, but the discomfort in the process is absolutely worth the outcome.
  • TONGUE SCRAPING / OIL PULLING – call me crazy but I’m addicted to scraping my tongue in the mornings. I wake up and go straight to the bathroom before I even drink water or clean my teeth, I scrape the gunk off the tongue. The thick creamy coating that builds up over night is a result of toxins in your digestive system and can indicate intestinal cleansing is necessary. Give it a go and you’ll be amazed at what comes off! We sell tongue scrapers at pH Clinic for $15, grab one next time you’re in the clinic. Oil pulling is another great way to draw toxins out of the body via the mouth. Both of these techniques are old Ayurvedic rituals and are based on purifying the body of unwanted excess.
  • EAT IN SEASON / ORGANIC FOOD – I believe your human potential is largely scalable by your daily habits and information you give your body. Food is information to your cells! What type of information are you giving your body if you eat processed food or pesticide fuelled produce? Foods grown under artificial lights in hydroponics are not okay for your health, this is not how we nourish our bodies. Glyphosate and other harmful pesticides are ruining our hormones, gut, brain and immune system. Get back to basics, talk to your grocer and demand organic, vote with your dollar and spend the extra money, if you think health is expensive guess how much sickness is?
  • MOVE – we all need to move every day and ideally do something physical that challenges you. The old saying “use it or loose it” is very accurate when it comes to physicality. As we age things get more rigid unless continually conditioned to work optimally. Walk, run, swim, kick, play, flip, dance, jump, lift or climb – it doesn’t matter what you do exactly but find something that you like that challenges you and do it daily. It will also release a beautiful flush of endorphins into your bloodstream which will leave you feeling vibrant, full of happiness and positive energy. The best mental health adjustment you can do 🙂 You never regret the workout, you only ever regret the one you didn’t do.
  • MINDSET / VISUALISATION / MANIFESTATION – this is something that is relatively new for me but I’ve been unconsciously doing for years and I attribute a lot of my success to a positive mindset. I’ve been reading and listening to some of Joe Dispenza’s stuff and the power of our mind in creating our future is limitless. Change your mind and you change your life. When we get stuck in the downward spiral of “oh not again, this always happens to me” you will attract more of the same. Start visualising the life you want to live, as if it has already happened and you can see it playing out in front of your eyes. Manifest your dreams and stop waiting for someone to give you permission to have all the success and abundance you deserve. My friend “The Mindful Coach” has all sort of great material on this way of living. Check him out.

Written by pH Clinic founder Nicola Johnson.

Nicola is an advanced Colonic Hydrotherapist, GAPS practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Health enthusiast. She has 8 years of clinical experience helping people on their health journey. She too has been through lots with her own health and is constantly trying and researching new ways to live the most healthful life possible. If you would like to book in with Nic, you can find her at the clinic on Fridays and alternating Sundays.

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