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The Nomad.

Sam Grew up in the coastal town of Newcastle with her Mum, Stepdad & sister. As soon as she finished high school at 18, she moved to Canada and backpacked around Mexico for 10 months with her best mate. This is when Sam first fell in love with travel, culture and meeting rad people.

Still to this day, Sam oozes culture with her fabulous jewellery, bright coloured clothes & of course epic tan. Sam jetted off again in 2015 travelling to North and Central America and of course Mexico. Lucky for us, she met a boy on this trip who lived in Manly. She swiftly decided to move to Manly 5 years ago and hasn’t looked back since.

Welcome To Manly.

When Sam first moved to Manly she lived the typical “Hospo life”. Working at the local cocktail bar, there was a lot of partying, drinking and not a lot of rest. Her one consistent healthy habit though was always yoga. Soon after she moved to manly she started practising at Power Living Manly. This is where she met Nicola who at that time worked as the manager at Power Living and was preparing to open a business of her own — pH Clinic. “At the time I suffered constipation, and Nicola suggested I should come in for a colonic. Basically my life has changed ever since and colonics are now a regular part of my life”

The Health Crusador.

After practising yoga for a while, Sam later decided to do her Yoga teacher training and started working on admin at Power Living. Ever since she has led a more spiritual and conscious lifestyle. It was around this time that Sam came down with Glandular Fever. “It’s fair to say that this rocked my mind and body as it does. This led me further down the path of health and made me determined to change my life. I saw Laura the nutritionist at pH Clinic as well to support my health. I guess you could say that pH Clinic actually started my health journey!”

The next chapter for Sam included expanding her learning in all things health. Sam decided to study Naturopathy. “I still felt very sick and run down. I didn’t know how to be truly healthy and didn’t trust the internet so I decided to study a 4 year degree to learn properly”

In 2018 Sam saw an advertisement for a Colonic Hydrotherapist at pH Clinic and discussed it with Nicola. She decided to complete her training and became a therapist at the clinic in Jan 2019.

Sam’s gentle, intuitive and relaxed nature is what makes her clients so comfortable and gets the results they are looking for! Being comfortable on the table is a HUGE factor in determining how well your body relaxes and therefore releases.
Not only does Sam have a huge knowledge base being a Colonic Hydrotherapist, studying Naturopathy, and being a yoga teacher, she also takes a personal interest in educating herself on all things health. She has recently taken an interest in Ayurveda! 

While Sam is more content in stillness than ever and definitely feels she has found her “sweet spot” within the community, she is constantly growing and evolving personally and professionally. Always flowing, momentum is constant in Sam’s world, whether it’s geographically, physically or mentally.

pHClinic Team

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