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The Back story

Victoria grew up in Bondi and comes from a Greek/Australian background. She reflects on a relatively  “normal” upbringing, with the common dynamics of divorced parents and some emotional issues with her father. In fact Victoria created some necessary boundaries with her Dad and they didn’t speak from the age of 12.

“Coincidentally I’ve been constipated from a similar age around puberty. By the age 15, I had a dependency on laxatives whereby if I didn’t have them I would never go. I would take it twice a week when I needed to poo. I also suffered endometriosis from a similar time. I didn’t get as many issues with my periods as such but more pain and specifically during sex. After the original diagnosis I ended up seeing a Chinese medicine doctor and had acupuncture that helped resolve these issues and get the stagnant blood flowing. There seemed to be a recurring theme/pattern of stagnation/blockages in my lower abdomen, around my sacral chakra.” 

The Wake Up

In August 2019 Victoria went out with some friends. She was the designated driver so the rest of the group were slightly “buzzed”. One of her friends had opened up to her that she is a high functioning empath. She feels and sees traumatic visions of people in their past or present. Even people walking past her on the street. That evening in August, this friend opened up to Victoria saying she has had vivid visions of Victoria suffering traumatic abuse as a child. Victoria couldn’t remember this. Literally had no memory. But weirdly – wasn’t surprised.

“ 2 days later I ended up going to emergency as I hadn’t pooed in over 2 weeks. I insisted to the doctor at the hospital that I was trying to wean myself off laxatives and detox my body. All that the doctor offered as a solution was to take more laxatives and that this kind of chronic constipation had no cause and no cure.

The next 3 months were a blur. Victoria went into a deep hole of depression, processing while the acceptance set in with this new knowledge. She still had no memory but there was an undeniable knowing that she couldn’t shake. After a few months she managed to claw her way out of the “hole” by managing routine, listening books, podcasts etc but hadn’t addressed the elephant in the room. She thought maybe it was enough to be just acknowledged?

While not going into the details of the trauma, Victoria explains; “the visual that my friend had described to me fit with a narrative that was already occurring around me in my life around me as a child. So although I didn’t have a specific memory of the experience, it made complete sense and didn’t surprise me. My husband was asking if I would like to see a psychologist and I remember saying, it’s completely energetic. I have no memory of it so there’s no way they can help me”

Researching a lot about past lives, soul contracts, crystals, meditation, energy healing, hermeticism, etc. Victoria read books like Many Lives, Many Masters, the Four Agreements, The Ra Contact (Law of One), and started to build an understanding of energies and chakras. Ironically, this spiritual journey that was awakened by being confronted with and accepting the trauma aligned parallel with Victorias introduction to Colonic Hydrotherapy.

After the emergency department told Victoria that stronger laxatives were her only option, Victoria was left with the overwhelming realisation that western medicine didn’t have the answer, so once again she turned to Eastern medicine to treat her illness – this time to Ayurveda. She saw Dr Rama, an Ayurvedic doctor in Bondi Junction, who examined her tongue and knew that her small intestines were not absorbing water and needed to be hydrated. He suggested colonic hydrotherapy and gave her Ayurvedic herbs to assist. Straight after her appointment, she googled “Colonics Sydney” and pH Clinic came up. We had an appt that day so went directly to pH after her ayurvedic appointment.

“I didn’t even know what colonics were and had to look it up quickly before my session! Its safe to say my mind was literally blown post colonic. Although my colonic hydrotherapist was lovely and created a really relaxed environment, the session itself was pretty uncomfortable as there was a lot of pressure built up from stuck gas and lodged old stools from years of persisting constipation. Once the session was over it was a huge relief as I hadn’t gone to the toilet properly for over a month. I started coming weekly and had a specific routine that my therapist and I navigated in order to help ease mental and physical discomfort. I had to get off the table to go to toilet in order to pass the dehydrated lodged stool. This would occur twice per session. After that had passed, newer stool would be able to pass through tube with ease. Those first few months were hard. Literally. But still providing such relief. One thing I’ve learnt is how important water is. If I had drunk water then the water from the machine would go to actually allow things to move and hydrate the right places but if Poo was dehydrated it would absorb water and I wouldn’t release as much. With no water the process was a lot more traumatic and painful.”

The Release

In Jan 2020 Victoria had a colonic with Debby, one of our most experienced casual therapists who owns her own Colonic Hydrotherapy clinics in QLD. The session wasn’t what Victoria was used to, there was no release and her body didn’t respond to the treatment. Victoria discussed her feedback with the pH team and “ honestly, I didn’t really want to see her again, I was avoiding it all”. Nicola the clinic owner wanted Debby to remedy this experience knowing how much her experience will help Victoria. She came back and thank god she did as Debby ended up being another crucial pivotal point in her journey. It’s worth noting Debby is a kinesiologist and has done quite a bit of energy healing in her time.

“During my appointment Debby had recognised that when I was releasing my body was having a reaction that was what she called “a trauma response”. I had feelings of convulsing and face grimacing etc. Debby asked if there was a trauma or something that could have triggered it. I broke down on the table and said there is something. Didn’t say what. Debbie could feel it and gave her some ideas of how to work through. Still no memory. It was energy healing and clearing that needed to happen”.

“My main feeling I had at this point was I don’t want to remember it or feel it I just want it gone.”

A friend of my Mums is an old school healer. She asked how colonics had been going and I told her what had come up in my session with Debby. She ended up doing a mini clearing and some reiki. She reiterated “its just energy” and intuitively said “There’s nothing to feel guilty or ashamed of, we’ve all been thieves, we’ve all been murderers, we’ve all been pedophiles in our time.” This resonated at a subconscious level with Victoria, releasing her from deep-rooted feelings for victimhood and guilt. “It helped me understand that nothing happens for no reason. My father and I had karmic ties from past lives and there is always a lesson and a greater purpose for these things”. Afterward Victoria had some crazy experiences of clearing, most joyful experience, made her realise that she was carrying so much. This was the first energetic shedding she had experienced.

After this initial clearing, Victoria felt that there was more that needed to be shifted. She went to see a highly recommended energy healer, Margot Laird who uses crystals and sacred geometry to clear blockages. During this session Victoria had incredible visions – all of which represented metaphorical things that triggered huge realisations. After some resistance they were finally able to clear the root and sacral chakra where the trauma was stored. “I know it sounds crazy but I literally felt chakras clearing & visions. I felt my body physically clearing and opening.

“Margot suggested I might find I have a heavy period and further release of bowel movements. Sure enough I had the heaviest period I’ve had in months and pooed every day for 3 weeks! Luckily as Covid happened and I couldn’t come in for my colonics!”

“Throughout this entire wild journey, my bowel movements have reflected my energetic healing process. I Needed the colonic to hydrate my colon to assist with physical movement, but I also needed energetic clearing. Were not just physical and not just energy – we’re both. I truly believe there isn’t one without the other and any dis-ease we experience physically (especially chronic) there is always an energetic element to it.”

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