10 Steps to Accept Change Gracefully

Many of my clients come to me during periods of change. Sometimes they are conscious of the change and need support to travel through the discomfort that transitions bring. Often, people are sensing the need for change and are seeking support to discern which steps to take first.

Some people come to me because they sense a lack of vitality in their lives. Typically a sluggish nudge from our gut is asking us to consider what is old and where we can make a new choice?

One thing I can verify is that we are all in a constant state of change. For some reason, in our current culture, we seem to have evolved into a mindset where stability and assurance establish living a successful life. When I tune in myself, I know that there is no guaranteed sense of stability and assurance that can ever come from any source other than my heart.

This doesn’t mean that change isn’t challenging at times, but I would love to be part of a greater paradigm shift embracing the personal growth and creativity that change allows.

In the search for contentment and peace, I notice my aversion to pain and discomfort. I move towards that which immediately makes me feel good and away from that which I label as painful. Most often though, and unfortunately, my conditioned, subconscious mind keeps me in a self-sabotaging pattern of avoidance. The positive possibilities that change can bring are hidden from my deep seated beliefs, rooted in fear.

About a year and a half ago I was working in a full-time role for a respected wellness company. Everything about this role seemed wonderful. My salary was comfortable, I was working with friends, the product I was representing was one that I held dear to my heart – yoga. The only problem was that I didn’t feel happy. I felt, in some way, trapped. The long list of positive attributes that this safe job provided blocked the screams from my gut to make a change.

It took me a long time to admit that what suits one person doesn’t necessarily suit me. Eventually, I said thank you for the opportunity and walked away. I was terrified of leaving the financial guarantee but staying felt worse than the fear. Leaving allowed me the space and clarity to build my business. There is always something else. It’s not always what I expect, but when I feel something calling, I can only ignore it for so long before my body shuts me down and discomfort forces me to make a change.

I will humbly admit that I hold onto situations that aren’t suiting me longer than necessary. This is a pattern. I observe in myself that I will never ‘give up’ until I am sure that I have tried everything. There are positive qualities to this personality trait, but in hindsight, I have historically suffered for days, months and even years longer than necessary.

The only way to decipher whether something suits me or not is through the messages that my body offers me. Our bodies are talking to us, if not yelling at us, every day. The question is, are we creating a daily practice to sit and listen to them?

Today, I have experience leaving multiple long term and steady relationships, several prestigious jobs and even moving from homes that I felt safe and happy in. Most significantly, I have survived giving up most of my earthly possessions, friends and family to move to the opposite side of the world. We all transition through many changes in a lifetime, every one of us, no one is exempt from life’s tapestry of movement.

Here are some simple steps I can offer for dealing with change in a graceful way:

  1. When something doesn’t feel right, it means it isn’t right. Stop doubting your intuition

  1. Make time everyday, (ideally at the same time) to sit in stillness, observe your breath and listen to the messages your body are giving you. Guided meditations can be very helpful if you do not have an established meditation practice. Even five minutes can make a huge difference

  1. If you feel pain, experience illness or notice fluctuations in energy levels, give yourself time to reflect on what those changes are showing you? Seek help from professionals if you are struggling with physical and inconsistent energetic symptoms. We aren’t expected to build our dreams alone

  1. Daily journaling practices are very effective for gaining insight into our subconscious and conscious minds

  1. Admit your fears. If you have fears, don’t push them down, they will just stay there and potentially cause bigger problems later. Write them down, talk about them. The only way to generate courage is by first admitting where we are and what we are afraid of. My favourite definition of courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyways

  2. Spend more time in nature. Observing the natural rhythms of nature and especially the seasons reminds us that we are a part of this constantly moving system. A tree never holds onto a leaf longer than necessary. It lets go when the wind blows

  1. Exercises and Yoga Asana practices that help you to observe your body, mind and bring you a sense of inner peace are helpful but do not replace a meditation practice. Meditation is meditation

  1. Speak your thoughts – Find a close friend who you can be candid with, or a professional counsellor, to ensure you are able to move the energy of thoughts through you. This is how clarity comes and fears become less scary

  1. Don’t worry about what other people think. Only you know what is best for you. Your parents, friends and partner’s opinions are interesting but at the end of the day, you know best!

  1. Stop seeking HOW the change is going to happen. Take one step every day towards your new goal, even if that step is going for a walk in nature to have time for yourself. One step a day will get you there.

I am grateful for the lessons life have given me. Maybe the delays in taking action that I label as mistakes today were all perfect? Regardless, I am always a student and therefore, will continue to attempt to be a better version of myself everyday. Being open to change is what keeps life exciting and interesting.

If you ever feel the need for support with transitions, I am happy to help you to observe the messages from your body, clear away old stuck energy and open up fresh channels in your mind.

Lisa’s mission is to help others live a balanced and happy life. A Canadian born, natural athlete, Lisa retired from a twelve year National Synchronised Swimming career and fell in love with Yoga and Energy Medicine. In search of a method to heal her body she trained in diverse fitness modalities, discovering she desired a holistic approach to physical, mental and emotional balance. More than twenty years into her dedicated practice, it is undeniable that yoga, meditation, breath awareness and self-enquiry have positively transformed her life.

Lisa is a certified yoga teacher, intuitive Reiki Master and breath coach. She is also addicted to surfing and aims to share her experiences with Elite Athletes, providing them with the tools she didn’t have access to during her athletic career. Lisa’s passion lies in service to others.

An Energetic Consultation with Lisa aims to strengthen the connection between your body, mind and emotions. And if you’d like an appointment with Lisa call us on o420 644 852 or book online by clicking ‘HERE‘.

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