The Benefits of Abdominal Massage

It’s no news that our gastrointestinal system is vital to our health, it processes everything that we eat and drink and is also plays a role in our metabolism, immune system, hormone production and detoxification. To help support good gastrointestinal health, a nourishing diet and lifestyle is crucial, but did you know that by incorporating a 15 min abdominal massage into your daily routine can also help to improve your gut health?

The abdominal cavity contains vital organs in the digestive system. Just like other parts of the body, the abdominal area can actually be positively affected by manipulation of soft tissues.

A gentle  clockwise massage on the abdomen can help to:

Regulate the bowel movement

Improve digestive processes, and

Relieve constipation

A regular massage can also increase the blood flow between organs, which allows more oxygen to flow and assists with the removal of toxins, making it a useful too in a detoxification program.

Abdominal massage is usually included in Lymphatic Drainage treatments, to help in the detoxification process but can be included in other modalities of massage as well, such as relaxation or remedial. This treatment is often used inside hospitals, to avoid constipation between bedridden patients and is used as part of the Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment.

During a Colonic, abdominal massage helps to move the water inside the colon, eliminate compacted areas of waste matter and relieve cramping all while promoting relaxation for the patient during the treatment.

The treatment is beneficial for all ages, but especially for elderly patients or for someone with digestive mobility restriction due an illness or disability. Depending of the severity of the condition, the massage can be performed daily, up 8 to 15 minutes, always in clockwise direction, helping the natural flow of our intestines.

The abdominal massage must be avoided in case of diarrhoea, infection, blood in the stools and the person must seek medical treatment immediately. 

In addition, an adequate ingestion of fibre, a good diet and hydration is essential to guarantee a healthy digestive system.

Used as a complementary treatment or in your daily routine, alongside good nutrition and lifestyle, the abdominal massage is an easy to perform and safe way to help support the digestive system.

Written by: Carolina Mori Pinto.

Carolina is a Massage Therapist and Physiotherapist, graduating from her studies in Brazil.

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pHClinic Team

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