I Got 99 Problems but Mold Ain’t One

With what feels like 2 months of constant rain and the one in a life time, northern-beaches flood, Everything is damp, wet and humid, and mould is taking over. It is creeping into our homes and growing behind our mirrors, deep in our wardrobes and in our bathrooms. 

Exposure to some types of mould, especially the type that grows within our home, is toxic to humans. Mould can cause a weakened immune system, trigger allergies, cause respiratory infections (cough, runny nose or congested sinuses) itchy eyes or itchy skin. Chronic exposure can cause chronic lung diseases and overload the body’s natural detox systems such as the liver. 


So how do you prevent and remove mould from your home? 

Preventing the problem is essential, when the issue starts it can be hard to stop it spiralling out of control. 

Mould needs moisture to grow, so the key to prevention is reducing dampness where possible. Some easy quick ideas that you can implement are: 

1.) Ensure you have good ventilation 

  • Open windows when weather permits 
  • Use exhaust fans when showing, cooking, doing laundry and drying clothes. 
  • Open doors between rooms to increase circulation 

2.) Remove or reduce the humidity 

  • Limit the use of humidifiers (including water-based diffusers) 
  • Limit the use of heaters that don’t remove heat outside your home – e.g space heaters etc. 
  • You might want to invest in a dehumidifier – which is an affordable and effective way to 
  • Keep indoor humidity below 60% where possible. 
  • Keep your home dry and mould free 

3.) Controlling sources of moisture in your home. 

  • Reduce the number of fish tanks and excessively water indoor plants 
  • Repair all water leaks 
  • Dry wet areas within 24 to 48 hours 
  • Clean air conditioning drip pans 
  • If you have rising dampness from the ground – contact an experienced builder who can help guide and install solutions such as vents or waterproofing to protect your home from mould. 


If you happen to find mould in your home. Implement as many of the steps above as possible to prevent an environment where mould can live and grow. 

Use natural remedies where possible to clean the mould off surfaces. 

Some of our favourites solutions are: 

  • Mix 25 drops of essential oil with 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup of isopropyl alcohol. Apply toy affected area and leave for 10-15 minutes. Then wipe clean. 
  • Using a nebulizing diffuser (diffuser that doesn’t use water) add some essential oils and use in rooms or near areas that are effected. 
  • Some of our favourite essential oils that kill mold are 
    • Clove
    • Purify 
    • Thyme
    • Lemon Eucalyptus  
    • Oregano 
  • Use a good organic white vinegar mix with some water in a spray bottle. Apply to effected area and wipe off. 
  • Remove furniture that is mold stricken where possible. Find the source of the mold and try remove it. 


If you have been living around mold for sometime your body and health will unfortunately effected and will start to deteriorate overtime. 

There are different ways of detoxing mold out of your system that different levels of intensity. 

Intro level:  Purchasing a few supplements to help your bodys natural detox pathways. What we recommend: 

  • NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) — NAC is a widely used Antioxident. NAC also stimulates your body to produce glutathione naturally, which is one of the most important naturally occurring antioxidants, promoting detoxification especially in the brain, heart and lungs. NAC Binds the MU’s us in the lungs to help remove it which is great fro removing mold that you have breathed in. 
  • Charcoal – Charcoal is a binder. Binders are used to absorb substances. Activated charcoal is an extremely porous substance. The idea is that the charcoal become like a spondge soaking up things such a mold in our gut and intestinal tract.

The next step: add an Infrared Sauna in addition to the supplements to help further detoxify your body from mold. 

Infrared Sauna are the best saunas to use during detoxing mold as it induces frequencies similar to the sun. This resonates with your cells and vibrates them mobilising the toxins and vitalising cellular metabolism. Where are traditional sauna heat the air around you rather than impacting the cells directly. 

We recommend using the sauna at a lower temperature when detoxing to basis the body using sebaceous sweat glands. This produces and oily beady sweat, this is the only type of sweat that toxins such as mold can be removed out of the blood stream through the skin. 

Whole body: Niacin Detox Protocol using Sauna. 

If you have had mold exposure for many years and are experiencing significant health issues due to that exposure. It is more than likely that the mold toxicity has now been stored in your fat cells around your organs. This is your bodies attempt to protect it self as best it can from the mold and slow down the determintal health effects the mold is doing to your body. 

The Niacin detox protocol is the only protocol that can remove these toxins from within our fat cells and detox our whole body all at once, reversing or removing the underlying cause for many of the health conditions caused by mould toxicity. 

Contact use to find out more about the Niacin Detox Protocol. 

Yours in Health, 

Dr Harry 


pHClinic Team

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