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We are lucky enough to have an incredible tribe surrounding us at the clinic. Staff, clients, friends and family all with SO many inspiring stories to share. 

Each month we will share with you an inspiring story of one of these special people and we are so excited to start with the lovely Liz. Liz is a great friend of the clinic and has a very inspiring story to tell:

‘I’ve been struggling with chronic illness for over a decade now and have learnt through many different doctors, treatments and most importantly on my own, that gut health is so incredibly important. Having had Parasites, toxicity, Candida, brain fog and an underlying battle with Lyme Disease, I knew in my gut (pun intended) that I needed more support if I wanted to heal fully…

It was a long road to my diagnosis of Lyme Disease (around 12 years) with misdiagnosis of chronic fatigue and stress and doctors advising me “it was all in my head”.

I had appointments with all sorts of doctors, Infectious Disease Specialists, Gastroenterologists, Psychologists and went from GP to GP, with no real diagnosis. I eventually went to see a Lyme Literate Doctor in Sydney who, looking at my symptoms diagnosed Lyme Disease straight away. He then sent away for a blood test (to Germany and USA) to confirm and unsurprisingly it was positive.

I now have an army of support that helps me manage my symptoms and stay healthy:

They include:

– Acupuncturist
– Osteopath/Chiropractor
– GP
– Lyme Literate Doctor
– Kinesiologist/Naturopath
– Colonic Hydrotherapist
– Infrared Sauna

My journey with pH Clinic has been nothing but healing since walking in to the clinic. It has saved my life. The girls have helped me get through it with weekly Colonics/Coffee Colonics and Infrared Saunas. My gut is getting stronger each week and I feel so comfortable around each and every therapist. The advice they give is incredible. Previously, I had been to another Colonic place with a different system and was put off, but I was put at ease straight away at pH and have never looked back. I am so grateful for Nicola and all of the pH Fam.’

pHClinic Team

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