Red Light Therapy and Healthy Skin

How to Get Happy Healthy Skin that Lasts with Red-light Therapy.

The state of your skin is a reflection of what is happening on the inside of your body, but fear not, your skin is also one of the most effective ways to help and heal the rest of your body.  Your skin is the largest organ your body has, it protects our precious insides from the harsh outside world, with things such as physical injury, extreme temperatures, and toxic substances. The skin also plays a huge role in absorbing all the life-promoting substances whilst also playing a role in excreting toxins that are damaging to our health.  So therefore it’s extremely important to promote skin health to protect us, to promote health and to remove all the bad stuff we come in contact withOne of the easiest ways to do this is by exposing your skin to red light. Red light therapy nourishes the skin keeping it happy and healthy to perform all the necessary functions, such as protection, absorption and excretion. 

Just 20 minutes of exposing your skin to red light therapy will stimulate it to produce all the important things necessary for good health naturally such as Collagen. 

By stimulating our skin to do this naturally it teaches our body to do this on its own with long term use, it removes the dependency on outside sources that also often decrease the body’s natural ability to produce those substances. 

Red light therapy also provided your skin cells with the correct information to be able to function to the best of their ability allowing them to detox and excrete toxins efficiently and effectively. Blackheads and Acne are essentially toxins are essentially the skin trying the best it can to push out toxins through your skin. Even hormonal acne is your hormones trying to excrete toxins through your skin. Using red light therapy will not only reduce the severity of acne as your skin becomes more efficient at detoxing but it will also reduce the time spots hang around on your skin and the size of the spot. Many popular acne treatments, unfortunately, load the skin up with more toxins and inherently make this issue worse loading up the skin with toxins until it can’t detox effectively anymore which will then lead to the risk of developing further health conditions.

Other skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis are also issues relating to absorption and detoxification and be improved drastically with Red light therapy in very much the same way Red light improves acne.  

The information our skin receives from being exposed to red light also activates the rate of new skin cells being produced. Healthy cells live well but die fast. Cell death is extremely important because new younger cells take their place. By using Red light the rate your skin cells will be replaced with younger new skin cells will increase dramatically. This helps remove wrinkles or reduce any unwanted signs of ageing, keeping you looking young and vibrant for much longer. 

Some common signs that your skin needs some looking after. 

  • Persistent Acne or spots 
  • Unwanted wrinkles or signs of ageing. 
  • Other skin conditions such as eczema

Book in now to help you feel and look good inside and out.Yours in health, Dr Harry.

pHClinic Team

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