5 Natural Ways To Help Induce Labour

You’ve hit 40 weeks and ready for baby to make its debut! Here are 5 ways to help bring on labour. In writing this, know that your baby will arrive when he or she is ready. Birth is the dance between your body and your baby, so the performance won’t start until the rehearsing is completed.


Take this time to relax your mind and body. Take a bath, practice daily meditation, read a book and nap as much as you can!

2. SEX 

Not only is sex a great way to intimately connect with your partner (which helps to increase oxytocin), semen has been found to contain prostaglandins which help to ripen the cervix. 


Evening primrose oil is another method for ripening the cervix, due to the prostaglandin imitation brought on by EPO. You can take it orally or internally. 


Stimulating one nipple at a time has been found to produce oxytocin in the body. You can try expressing colostrum, or simply massage your nipple for 2-5 minutes each side. 


Raspberry leaf is a uterine tonic, shown to promote a wide range of benefits for pre and postnatal care. Speak with your naturopath about taking a personalised herbal formula containing raspberry leaf. 

While you’re probably ready to be holding your baby in your arms, here are a few benefits for more time in the womb 

  • Reduced risk of jaundice and infection
  • More time to build up strength
  • Increased brain development 

No matter what you do, you’ll have your beautiful baby in your arms before you know it! Enjoy these last special moments.

pHClinic Team

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