5 Tips To Prepare For A Natural Birth

There are several Naturopathic herbs, dietary and lifestyle recommendations you can incorporate into your daily routine to prepare your mind and body for a natural birth. Here are our top five tips from our resident Naturopath and soon to be mum, Emma Brooker.


Naturopathic herbs such as raspberry leaf, squaw vine and shepherd’s purse have been found to support the body during labour. Each herb has a specific role to either prepare the uterine muscle, reduce the risk of haemorrhaging, increase the efficiency of contractions, shortening the overall length of labour or promoting lactation after birth. These herbs are only to be taken in the third trimester.

Always consult with a practitioner before self-prescribing.


Whether it be prenatal yoga, pilates, walking or swimming, daily exercise is essential to prepare your mind and body for labour.

Remember not to overheat during your exercise session as your baby can’t regulate his or her body temperature just yet.


Introducing perineal massage into your daily routine at around 34-35 weeks is recommended to prevent tearing. Think of it as muscle memory, the more you increase blood flow and elasticity to the area leading up to the birth the more prepared your body will be.


There are so many beautiful pregnancy books to get stuck into. If you truly understand the process of birth and what your body is about to experience, it will be a much more enjoyable and relaxing process.

Recommended books include ‘Orgasmic Birth: Your guide to a safe, satisfying, and pleasurable birth experience’ by Elizabeth Davis, ‘Ten Moons’ by Jane Hardwicke Collings and ‘Gentle birth, gentle mothering’ by Sarah J. Buckley, MD.


There are several supplements to increase in your third trimester to prepare your body for a natural childbirth. Some examples are zinc, magnesium, EPA/DHA and iron.

Make sure you consult with a practitioner before self-prescribing so that you are recommended a good quality brand and prescribed the correct dosage.

Of course every pregnancy is different and so trust your instincts too – if you feel you need more or less of something to better equip you for a natural birth then be sure to listen to your inner voice too.

And if you’re interested to find out more about how you can compliment your pregnancy with Naturopathy then contact pH Clinic or make a booking online and start your holistic health journey today.

Naturopathy combines traditional herbal medicine with nutrition to help you heal and thrive. Emma is our resident Naturopath, and is available for consults every Thursday. Book in now for a comprehensive health assessment and get a treatment protocol tailored specifically for you and your needs

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