How Energy Medicine & Intuitive Counselling Changed My Life

I was 29 at the time, a healthy and privileged Canadian girl, living in my apartment with my boyfriend of five years. Everything from the outside seemed perfect – I was a Yoga Teacher and Flight Attendant, I owned my own jewellery line, I had lots of friends, went on holidays to beachy places, had a nice wardrobe and a car. Everything seemed perfect and yet everything was not. I had spent my life developing my intuition, studying alternative healing, indulging in self-development processes, but I was ignoring the signs. My gut was yelling at me. Something was very wrong. This life that seemed perfect was not right. I needed help, and I knew I needed it quickly.

One evening, I was managing the front of our cozy yoga studio in North Vancouver and a friendly man walked in. He introduced himself and we instantly connected. He and his wife were Reiki Masters and he was looking for a clinic to practice from. We invited him into our space without hesitation. Something felt right about him.

My Reiki Journey

I came in for my first treatment with Lori and Stephen the following week. I wasn’t sure what I might feel? Despite having about a hundred Acupuncture, Massage, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Counselling, Life Coaching, Anger Management, Yoga Trainings, Sound Healings, and Mindfulness Retreats under my belt, I had not formally experienced Reiki. This was the beginning of my most profound healing journey to date.

The treatment itself was subtle. I sat down and chatted with Lori and Stephen about my life, my thoughts and anxiety, my sleepless nights, the feeling of floating in sea of almost good enough. My body was healthy but I didn’t feel well. We began digging through areas of my life. I had continuously done work on my childhood, exploring limiting beliefs and their impact on my adult behaviour and that wasn’t it. I wasn’t making a lot of money but I was proud of my career. I had a beautiful home. My family were amazing, open and supportive. My friends were too. The missing link was my relationship – that had to be it?

As we began to consider the possibility of me walking away from my relationship, I started to remember how I strong I was before we got together. As I lay on the table, falling in and out of sleep, I could sense the gentle touch and movement of Lori and Stephen’s hands above and on my body. I could feel tingling, some warmth and light pressure. I could sense things moving. I can’t describe exactly how but something was shifting on a deep level. I could tell that the most powerful shifts are a process and don’t happen in one day. I trusted this healing technique was offering me something more sustainable than anything I had yet to experience.

How My Life Shifted

Although the shifts in my life were slow and subtle, there was an undeniable energy brewing again. I was able to think more clearly and I was sleeping well. I felt more like ‘me’ than I had in years. I was beginning to feel strong and confident in my ability to be on my own. I knew that despite fear of judgement and failure if I chose to walk away from my relationship, I was going to be fine. Maybe even better than fine. I could sense that my true dreams and passions could be fulfilled.

Each month I returned to Lori and Stephen’s table and surrendered. It was such a peaceful process. And possibly the first time I had fully let go and trusted in years, maybe my in whole life. After every session I walked away feeling slightly drunk and calm. Regardless of what had happened that day, after a treatment the stress would remain at bay for longer periods of time. My nervous system felt at ease. I noticed that I was breathing properly.

After a year or so of continuous sessions I walked away from my boyfriend. We agreed that it was best for both of us. I felt strong and surprisingly steady. I moved into a small apartment and started training as a Reiki practitioner myself. I woke up every morning and practiced on my own body. I was astounded by my ability to continue to support the healing process from what I’d learned.

Sharing My Skills

Today, ten years later, I proudly share my gift with as many people as possible. I think it would be selfish not to pass on my experience. I am passionate about supporting the clearing of expired energy through people’s bodies, minds and emotions. We are all energy after all, might as well keep it moving in the best direction possible! If you’d like to learn more consider joining me for an Energetic Consultation at pH Clinic. A percentage of proceeds from every session are donated to the Africa Yoga Project. Book online or call pH Clinic on 0420 644 852.

An Energetic Consultation strengthens the connection between your body, mind and emotions. Intuitive Coaching applies counselling techniques and breath coaching to explore beliefs and behaviours, enhancing personal growth while calming your nervous system.

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