How To Be Healthy! 6 Health Pillars For Modern Life

At pH Clinic we are firm believers that healthy can be simple.  It is part of our mission to share with you about who we are and what we do. There are simple health pillars that we believe are vital for health and wellbeing that are often overlooked and are the key to unlocking optimum health and happiness.

Have you created a life rhythm that works for you, or are you struggling and juggling with the same cycles and stories that keep you from living your best and most authentic life? Do you have pillar health practises in your day to day life? If not – then look no further as we have the answers for you!

This list of practical, effective and easy health pillars are simple enough that you can start implementing them today! Watch how quickly you will see a significant shift in your health and vitality.

  1. GROUNDING & EARTHING; Our bodies are meant to be in sync with nature. It resets everything from our hormones to our brain waves. Many of us never come into contact with the ground anymore (by living and/or working in high rise buildings). To ensure our bodies can return back to our natural state, we need to spend most of our time in contact with the ground/earth. This isn’t always possible, so try these tools to get the same benefits of standing on the ground. – Earthing sheets on your bed – Earthing mats on your chair or under your feet in the office – Or for a quick fix jump in the ocean or take a barefoot walk on the sand
  2. SLEEP & REDUCING BLUE LIGHT EXPOSURE; Sleep provides our body with the ability to repair injuries, flush toxins and strengthen the immune system. Quality sleep improves cognitive capability, including better memory, recall and focus, all of which improve learning outcomes. Absorption of natural light during the day is vital in setting our circadian rhythms (sleep and wake cycles). All blue green light both natural daylight and man-made artificial light, increases the alertness hormone cortisol and suppresses the sleep hormone melatonin. By blocking artificial blue-green light we suppress cortisol, all while promoting the release of melatonin to help us get to sleep and stay asleep.  – Try some blue blocking glasses to assist with the least disruption to your circadian rhythms
  3. WATER; MAKE WATER NUMBER 1! If you actually really, truly, genuinely care about your health – you also care about the water that you drink. Water makes up 2/3rds of each of our cells and it is necessary as a foundational pillar for our entire health and wellbeing status. If you can make the simple switch to drinking water that is filtered, structured and as close to source as possible (see The Importance of Water page on our website), this will drastically change your health for the better!

Adjusting these 3 things will change so much of your biophysics, biochemistry and quantum biology.


4. NUTRITION; Honour and reconnect with food whatever that means to you, without pressure or stress or ideologies! What do you enjoy eating that brings you joy and heath and nourishment?  Make good decisions that bring you back to basics to eat fresh, seasonal food. Seek out your local growers markets to see what is seasonal, always organic, sourced, grown locally and is readily available. There is a great misconception in our culture that eating something is better than eating nothing – that’s not true. If you are going to put something in your mouth, make it pack a really beautiful punch of flavours and freshness, and drop these notions of diet and fear around food. – Worried it’s too expensive? Try looking into a local fruit and veggie co-op or growers market delivery services, buy in with a friend or neighbour to reduce the costs.  Just try something new as long as it makes you happy!

5. PLAYING WITH TEMPERATURES BOTH HOT & COLD; HERE IS SOME EPIC SCIENCE COMING AT YOU! Exposing your body to different temperature extremes is significant and important for getting your thermostat and fluid mechanics stimulated in different ways. It enhances the detox processes, re-enlivening the water in your body and making it more more dense in the peripheral tissue (skin, gut, lungs) to move more fluid through your lymphatic system AND changing the electro chemistry of your blood! WOW! That’s why you get euphoric after jumping in that ice bath, or feel super zen after a sauna – it quietens everything down again. There are no phones or emails in an ice bath and that should go for a sauna too! We spend too much time being comfortable and we are loosing the ability to be uncomfortable. – Struggling with stress? Then get comfortable with being uncomfortable and try out a sauna and/or a cold shower/ice bath/full body cryotherapy session.

6. MOVEMENT FOR JOY; Pick up something per day that taps you back into a higher vibrational state of being whether that be through meditation, mindfulness, nature bathing, yoga, running, dancing, ocean swimming, grounding/earthing, bush walking or reading. Even just reading a page or 2 per day – putting no pressure on yourself to learn or remember it. Rather just being exposed to things that are of a higher vibration, can put you in a different frame of mind, and everything is here within you right now to be totally healthy and excited about your life. Everything is out there in the world to do anything you could dream of or imagine for yourself and live the most fulfilling life.

So don’t get caught up in these ideas of having to have more because we don’t have enough of everything and that’s so punishing, you can’t outrun that. You can’t ever have enough if that is your mentality.  Put into action the 6 health pillars above, expose yourself to some good inputs, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the total vitality, gentleness and loving acceptance of yourself, completely, just as you are. Everything you have is already within you to go out and life your best and fullest life! 

pHClinic Team

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