How To Have High Vibrations in 2023!

By pH Clinic Psychotherapist Eloise King

If there’s one truism in life (more interesting than death and taxes) it’s that life, itself, is motion. Never static, always changing, and never within your undivided control. Whether it’s a variation in weather patterns, the fluctuating economy, a global pandemic, or changing priorities of your friends and family members (think marriage, divorce, becoming parents, empty nesters, redundancies, career highs, new love, monetary windfalls, or periods of financial hardship); if you examine the human experience and its conditions with any level of scrutiny, little stays the same for very long. 

Like the Grand Slam tennis pro meets their opponent’s every return, without knowing categorically where the ball will place; surrendering to the truism that life itself is outside of your control, is what allows you to become a great player. In the game of Life, that is.

Facing Alcaraz on a court without proper groundstroke training, knowledge of the rules, nor a deep respect for what he represents (#1 ATP ranked), would feel God-awful within the first few minutes of game time. Similarly, surrendering to the power of Life, in this way, is downright terrifying for most, unless you’ve got the knowledge, skills and the respect to be able to meet Life as your equal. Not to try to control it, simply meet it, in your moment, with all that you bring.

The good news is that the new sciences are continuing to uncover (and refine) the laws for a good and successful life. Few people stumble across these by accident, and they are definitely not taught in schools. Whether you understand them or not, however, they are always at work. Just like the law of gravity keeps you connected to the earth, these laws for Life determine your results in all areas; health, finances, parenting, relationships and more.

Psychotherapy can be deeply healing, partly due the space it offers: to be seen without criticism; listened to without judgment; and accepted for all that you are, the good, bad, and the ugly. Your humanity, which encompasses all these qualities, is what emerges as truly beautiful. In truth, nothing is ever good nor bad, it just is. And in more truth, you (no matter what) are beautiful in all of your complex layers of human.

My dual function as psychotherapist AND coach, however, is why many of my clients choose to work with me. To understand their unique system of Self (and its parts), in the context of life (that is always moving) while developing the knowledge and skills to ensure they are tuning in to what actually matters. This is what gives people a sense of confidence, that they can step onto the court and play with a chance to win. Not a Tennis Grand Slam, but Life. For best results, Life is a game that you have to be willing to a) learn the rules and b) train for and c) play, full tilt. And many (not all) of my clients want to “win”… at whatever it is that feels meaningful and important to them.

So, as we get past the stunningly lackadaisical weeks of early January, and enter some of the more focused months ahead, here are 8 principles that I will personally do my best to live by in 2023 in order to align with the best my Life has to offer this year. If you want to align with your best too, come see me. We can clear out the junk and get you ready to play the best game of your Life to date. 

  1. You Are A Vibrational Being
  2. How You Feel (not what you think) Is What Matters Most
  3. Clarity Rules: Know What You Don’t Want & Know What You Want
  4. Focus on What You Want (not what you don’t)
  5. Always Make the Best of What’s in Front of You 
  6. Embrace the Path of Least Resistance 
  7. The Core of You is Good (no matter what) 
  8. Never, ever, ever, EVER Abandon Yourself

You can find Eloise in the clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2pm to 7pm.


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