3 Ways Nature Can Improve Your Health

Let’s be honest! A lot of us sit in side for a large proportion of each day. Whether it be for work, sitting in front of a computer screen under fluorescent lights or at home absorbed by the newest Netflix series. Simply put, we aren’t getting nearly enough nature time, which can be having a larger impact then we all think!

So today I’m chatting about nature and it’s incredible effects on health, and share my top 3 reasons to get up and go outdoors more often!

1/ Being in Nature Naturally Lowers Stress

Many studies have widely investigated natures physiological effects on the brain and the management of stress. Advanced brain imaging technology showed that the brains activity while placed in nature supported emotions such as empathy, love and contentment.

On the other side of things, brains placed in a man-made environment displayed emotions such as fear, anger and stress. It seems that everyone is in search for that little magic pill that reduces stress. Well, we may have just found a solution… NATURE!

2/ Nature Has Healing Powers

The healing power of nature has been an essential part of indigenous medicine for centuries. Alternative and complementary medicine practitioners regard to nature is a powerful therapeutic tool, however Western and allopathic medicine may also be jumping on board.

Recent areas of health science and practices have incorporated health ecology, horticultural therapy and healing landscaped as a treatment for a range of conditions. Hospitals have also included ‘healing hospital gardens’ in an attempt to allow healing patients to immerse themselves in nature, and let nature do its thing!

3/ Nature Can Improve Gut Health

Surprisingly enough, nature can also have a remarkable effect on your gut health, which we all know is essential for health. A healthy gut is all to do with a balance of tiny microbes that live in your intestine. The more diverse your microbiome is, the healthier and happier your gut becomes. To increase your diversity of your microbiome is simply being exposed to all sorts of bacteria. Being in nature exposes you to bucket loads of different bacteria and micro-organisms which interact with your gut microbes, leading to a healthy and diverse gut flora and a happy little tummy. Getting into nature shouldn’t become a chore that needs to be ticked off each day. It should be fun, enjoyable and most of all relaxing. So here are a few quick and easy changes you can make to your daily routine to incorporate nature into your daily routine:

1/ Take your shoes off and walk barefoot in the grass

2/ Take that scenic root past the beach, all these big old trees or a big wide green space

3/ Take your lunch break away from your desk and in a nearby park

4/ Go on a hike

5/ Spend some quality time in the garden

Written by: Greta Thurgood
Colonic Hydrotherapist 
Currently studying: BHS – Nutritional Medicine

Greta is a trained Colon Hydrotherapist, and is passionate about gut health and digestive issues. Book in for a Colonic using our handy online booking system, and let Greta help you with your digestion.

pHClinic Team

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