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– Tell us a little about your upbringing?

I grew up in Palm beach, living with my 3 older sisters, my dad and step mum. I am one of 4 girls (my poor dad and the amount of hormones and periods he had to endure haha). My mum lived in Melbourne from when I was about 5 years old, which made school holidays super fun, getting to adventure on a plane, to a big city!

For high school I went to Monte in North Sydney and aside from the ridiculously long commute, had a ball enjoying my high school years with my friends. I definitely was not a conscientious kid and was a pain in the butt to most of my teachers. So if you would have told me then I would be who I am today, I may have laughed a little.

– What do you do for work and what do you like to do in your spare time?

I am a nutritionist and colon hydrotherapist. I work both at pH clinic and Ahara health in Newport.

When I left school I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be… I worked in a few monotonous roles to earn a bit of money, but never felt fulfilled as I knew I always wanted to help people, I just wasn’t sure how yet. I went to Africa by myself to live and volunteer for a month and when I returned I started working in aged care. I spent around 4 years in nursing homes and community aged care before making the decision to study again. At that point, I tossed up whether I was going to become a nurse or a nutritionist. Nutrition won because I was going through a lot of my own health troubles and the burning desire to understand my body better, in a holistic way definitely took the cake.

In my spare time on the weekend, I love to be in nature! If you can take me to a place where there is no one around and I’m either surrounded by tree’s and greens, or the big wide ocean- that is where I am happiest. So hiking, bush walks, going on our sailing boat, adventuring to a place we haven’t seen before is where I am most content. But I also love having dinners with friends, cooking for people, and creating recipes and delicious food, being in the sunshine- whether its on my balcony or on the beach, exercising in whatever way my body is saying yes to at the time, gardening, going on a road trip, or going to a delicious wholefoods café for lunch or a chai with friends.

– What brought you to pH Clinic? 

I initially came to pH clinic when the clinic first opened (maybe 2015/16—whatever year it first opened). I came for colonics as I was suffering from gut issues, which was a trickle out effect from past parasites! That was way back then, but this time around, I came for WORK! To start working in the lovely clinic as a colon hydrotherpist and nutritionist.

– Tell us a bit more about the health journey your on and the results your feeling and seeing? 

My health journey began way back in 2011/2012 when I first found out about my first parasite. I had suffered for a long time from gut issues; upset stomach, food intolerances, bloating, gas, fluctuating diarrhoea and constipation. You name it, I was feeling it. At that point in time, I was seeing a doctor who put me on two rounds of antibiotics however, the resistant parasite still didn’t clear. She tried to put me on a 3rd round of antibiotics and I declined and decided to start doing my own research. At that point in time, the parasite I had (blastocyctitis) was deemed to be the WORST thing and you absolutely had to get rid of it, especially when experiencing symptoms like I was… I went to the Centre for Digestive Diseases and ended up getting a colonoscopy antibiotic infusion (yep… horrible I know, if only I could go back in time to save my poor little gut from that abuse haha!).

Of course, the parasite was gone (+anything else that ever lived in my colon…).

Around that time I had started studying my Bachelor of Health Science, so I felt that I could get on top of rebuilding and reinoculating my gut and I luckily had some wonderful teachers and mentors who I could get advice from to get on top of my gut health.

When I finished my nutritional medicine degree at the, shortly after that I found colonics as I was still experiencing some gut problems. At that point I was also seeing a kinesiologist/ chiropractor/ neuro-emotional technique therapist to address my whole health, including mental and emotional wellness. We worked on a lot of past trauma and whilst doing that, he picked up that I had high mercury in my blood. We confirmed this through blood testing and then had to undergo a big detox process to try and rid my body of heavy metals- this for me included high dose chlorella, heavy metal binders, infrared saunas, ionic foot baths, colonics, boosting my immunity, and other nutritional supplements to support detoxification processes.

I was able to get my mercury levels down and regain balance with my health BUT, shortly after this I found out I had 2 new parasites. A newbie, plus the original (dientamoeba + blastocystitis hominis). At this stage in my life, I was much more aware of the approach I wanted to take to target these and care for my gut health, which meant NO antibiotics. I was also up to date with the research and was able to target them using colonics + antimicrobial/antibacterial supplements. These together worked a treat and once again, I got rid of them and followed this up with gut healing and replenishing my gut microbiome.

Over my adult years, unfortunately stress and overwhelm has been a lowlight of my health, which twice lead to mild cases of shingles. A combination of physical, mental and emotional overwhelm led to these mini health crashes. Through my own work in psychosomatic therapy, as well as learning from the practitioners I see for support; mental and emotional health is something I shine a huge amount of focus on- for myself and my clients, because of the strong sway it has on the body and how our emotional health can manifest physically and show as health issues, sickness or dis-ease. I was lucky enough to naturally manage both these shingles outbreaks and have since put great emphasis on nervous system support.

Throughout this journey, nutrition has always been something that holds one of the greatest importance when managing and maintaining my health. Not only to overcome sickness, but to support, nourish, heal, help, bring joy, bring people together and create balance in the body and mind. Colonics have also been a huge foundation in overcoming the above issues. Without colonics, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have been able to get over my health hurdles as quickly as I did. Colonics are something I use as a continuous maintenance to prevent my system becoming overwhelmed and over burdened.

The biggest pleasure, is watching my nutrition and colonic clients, like I do, find so much joy, success and happiness because of creating habits, routines and implementing both modalities into their lives to support their minds and bodies continuously.

Colonics and nutrition together are an absolutely wonderful team. Having a basis of sustainable, maintainable, balanced nutrition will support your health happily for the rest of your life. Colonics are the much needed assistant to support detoxification in order to keep up with the inevitable external and internal daily load that these days are accumulating in many peoples system. And lastly addressing your emotional wellness through a kinesiologist, psychosomatic therapist, a healer or another support is very important to find underlying/subconscious issues you may not realise are impacting on your mental and physical health.

pHClinic Team

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