Top 10 Nutrients and Herbs for Pregnancy

While consuming a nutritious diet will be highly beneficial throughout your pregnancy, there are several nutrients and herbs which can positively enhance your baby’s health and development. It is also important to remember that every woman and pregnancy differs, so always consult your practitioner before self-prescribing nutrients and herbs.


Consult with your practitioner before self-prescribing nutrients. This will also enable you to receive the best quality supplements.


As the pregnancy progresses, iron is particularly important due to the increased tissue growth, haemoglobin production and red blood cell mass. Anaemia during pregnancy has been associated with infection, low birth weight, premature delivery and poor brain development in the fetus.


Iodine is required for the synthesis of T3 and T4 thyroid hormones, essential to regulate trophoblastic implantation. Iodine deficiency can lead to defects in the baby’s brain development.


The demand for essential fatty acids within the body increases throughout pregnancy. Arachidonic acid and DHA are both essential for the maturation and growth of the eye tissue and brain development.


Folate is required for the synthesis of DNA and RNA, cell deposition and division, metabolism of nucleic acids and prevents neural tube defects in the fetus.


An adequate consumption of protein is required for fetal organ growth, expansion of maternal tissues and placenta growth.


Naturopathic herbs must only be taken in the third trimester and always under the supervision of a qualified Naturopath or Herbalist to ensure you are getting the correct herbs at the required dose and timing.


Raspberry leaf may increase the efficiency of uterine contractions in labour, reduce the risk of haemorrhage, shorten the overall length of labour and often used for the induction of labour in post-term pregnancies.


Squaw vine is a partus preparatory tonic, indicated for toning the uterus, prevention of bleeding, enhancing uterine contractions during labour and promoting lactation.


Nettle supports the uterus, urinary tract and kidneys. It helps to strengthen blood vessels within the uterus.


Shepard’s purse is required for excessive bleeding and haemorrhage. It helps to contract the uterus and lowers blood pressure by constricting tissue and blood vessels.


Black cohosh helps to relieve pain and cramping in the uterus during labour, relieve muscle pain and stimulates the uterus.Written By: Emma Brooker


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